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How to Mute Someone on Snapchat? A Step By Step Guide in 2023!


Your focus and productivity can be negatively impacted by receiving too many Snapchat alerts. It’s time to mute your buddy or group member on Snapchat if they send you too many alerts. This feature is dubbed DND by Snapchat.

However, you must first comprehend what occurs on Snapchat when someone is muted before you take that action. We’ll also go through how to silence groups and profiles on Snapchat.

How to Mute Someone on Snapchat?

Snapchat users can publish stories and send messages, and you might be getting notifications for both. Here’s how to mute messages and stories from people and groups on Snapchat by using the do not disturb, or DND, feature. For cell phones running iOS and Android, the procedures are the same. Additionally, you may use the same procedure to mute individual profiles as well as groups.

Mute Messages on Snapchat

  1. Go to the Chat tab, tap and hold on the name of the profile or group, and choose Chat Settings to silence messages from that user.
  2. To stop getting notifications from that Snapchat group or profile, disable message notifications.

Mute Snapchat Story Notification

  1. Once more, press and hold the name of the profile or group in the Chat tab, then choose Story Settings to mute notifications for Snapchat stories.
  2. In the menu that appears next, activate the Mute Story option.

Having learned how to mute someone on Snapchat, let’s see what transpires next.

What Occurs on Snapchat When Someone Is Mute?

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If you don’t want to ban or unfriend someone on Snapchat or see their alerts, you can still be kind and mute their messages and stories. At least not right away. On the other hand, not many users are aware of the full ramifications of muting someone on Snapchat.

Will I Receive Notifications for Messages and Stories

Nope. That one is easy. Notifications about messages they send you or stories they add to their profile won’t be sent to you.

Will They Be Notified If I Mute Them on Snapchat

No, once more. The person who was muted on Snapchat does not receive alerts from Snapchat. Therefore, no concerns.

How to Know If You Are Muted on Snapchat?

There are a couple of methods you can attempt to find out if the tables turn and someone chooses to mute you.

  • When you next see them, send them a message or a tale and watch to see if their phone screen brightens. Of course, it’s possible that they have an Android notification manager or Scheduled Summary enabled.
  • After sending them a note or a story, find out if they enjoyed it or not. Once more, it’s conceivable they were too busy to watch it or completely forgot about it.

The wisest course of action, nevertheless, would be to not worry about it excessively. Get outside in the sun and enjoy life instead of dwelling on issues such as who silenced you and why.

How to See Snapchat Stories from Muted Profiles and Groups?

A profile or group’s stories are pushed to the bottom of the story list when they are muted. You must scroll to the bottom of the story list to see them.

Additionally, Snapchat won’t display tales from muted accounts in the story slideshow because of your demonstrated disinterest.

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How to View Messages From Snapchat Groups & Profiles That Are Muted?

To read their messages, locate the profile by going to the Chat tab. You won’t get the same notifications for snaps, but you will still receive them. Thus, checking the person’s profile is the only way to determine if they have sent you a message.

How to Determine Whether a Story or Message Is Unread From a Muted Profile or Group?

Snapchat features a variety of icons and symbols that convey distinct messages. You will see a blue circle next to the name, for instance, if there are unread messages or unseen stories from the profile.

How to Unmute Stories or Messages on Snapchat for Groups and Profiles

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To silence a Snapchat profile or group, follow the same procedures again. Message Notifications can be enabled for groups or profiles on Snapchat by going to the Chat tab > Chat Settings.

Go to Chat tab > Story Settings and uncheck Mute Story to enable story notifications for profiles or groups.

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Is It Possible to Set a Time Limit on Snapchat Before Muting Someone?

Nope. Snapchat lacks the ability to mute profiles and groups for varying durations, in contrast to WhatsApp.

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