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Mercenary Enrolment Chapter 164 Release Date, Where To Read, Spoilers, And Raw Scans!


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 Release Date: Mercenary Enrollment or Teenage Mercenary is a South Korean manhwa that has garnered wide viewership. The protagonist of this Korean manhwa series is an orphan who has to use harsh methods to survive. As a high school student today, he makes his way through life while participating in a martial arts organization, uncovering secrets at every turn.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 is much anticipated by the readers. I’ll provide all the latest information on the release date, spoilers, and where to read Chapter 164 of Mercenary Enrollment in this blog post.

Mercenary Enrolment Chapter 164 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 will be released on 25 November 2023. The release date’s timing is not uniform. The date may change in accordance with your region’s local time standard and release timings. 

Where to Read Mercenary Enrolment Chapter 164?

Chapter 164 of Mercenary Enrollment is available in Korean on Naver Webtoon. There are also all of the earlier chapters available. The manhwa is available on the Line Webtoon platform as “Teenage Mercenary.”

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 Spoilers

Chapter 164 of Mercenary Enrollment spoilers have not yet been released. In most manga series, three or four days prior to the release date of a new chapter, spoilers, and raw scans become available. If the spoilers are revealed on the anticipated date, we’ll keep you informed. The readers’ experience may be ruined by misleading spoilers and unprocessed scans.

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Recap of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 163

Yu Ijin and his team members successfully infiltrate the enemy base camp. They rescued the hostages there. The gang that encountered them in the middle of this rescue mission also came forward. The gang leader happens to be Ijin’s friend Kim Seok-Hyun. He wanted to test Ijin’s skills, so he called him for a battle.

Ijin agreed and the battle began, despite Ijin’s friends being against the proposal. The two mercenaries clashed with each other and the fight was worth it. Shin Yun-Ah and Sophie were waiting desperately for the team to return. Alice joined the duo. Three of them decided to go inside as the rescue team was taking too long to come out.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 164 Release Date

They broke into the camp and got involved in a fight. Soon they realized that they could not fight these many soldiers and they hid themselves in a safe place. The two former mates were fighting with all their might. They were having a verbal fight as well. Seok-Hyun mocked Ijin for joining a high school and forgetting who he was.

Ijin said that he chose a better life when life gave him a chance. Seok-Hyun had planted a bomb in the base camp and offered Ijin to join him or die there with all the hostages. After hearing that there is a bomb and everyone’s life is on the line, Ijin unlocks his full potential. He unleashed a series of kicks and punches on Seok-Hyun.

He could not counter Ijin’s speed. He decided to activate the bomb, but before he could press the key, Ijin knocked him down with a fatal punch. Ijin grabbed Seok-Hyun’s phone to set the bomb off. But it needed a password. He ran out of time and the base camp was engulfed in fire. Everyone was trapped inside when the bomb exploded.

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This work’s captivating and thought-provoking narratives play a major role in its ability to successfully grab and hold readers’ attention. Mercenary Enrollment is going well right now, and fans can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. It is highly anticipated that the show will continue and thrive in the upcoming episodes due to its growing popularity.

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