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The Last Shade Of Orobyss: A Complete Guide On Strategies, Mechanics, And Unique Drops


The Shade of Orobyss, with its potent elemental attacks, can be found in the Monolith of Fate of Last Epoch and poses a great threat. To take on this boss, players must carefully negotiate Timelines and Echoes.

Where To Find Shade Of Orobyss Boss In Last Epoch?

One of the more formidable humanoids from Last Epoch, the Shade of Orobyss, makes an appearance as a mini-boss in the Monolith of Fate, more precisely in the Echo of A World node. Players must use their strong skills and a well-thought-out plan of attack to vanquish this formidable opponent.

last epoch shade of orobyss

In Echos, boss battles can be found on Timelines, which are distinct maps with predetermined goals. As players advance from the starting point, the frequency of encounters increases and new challenges become available upon completion of these Echos.

Shade of Orobyss variants necessitate conflict in several Echoes within a Timeline. After overcoming the Shade of Orobyss, the Timeline resets, making it necessary to navigate the Monolith of Fate strategically to succeed.

Last Epoch Shade Of Orobyss Boss Guide

Unlike normal moves, the Shade of Orobyss boss in Last Epoch has unique combined elemental attacks. To win quickly, make use of the offered tactics and strategies as its primary attacks deal Void Damage.

Mechanics and Strategies for Shade of Orobyss Boss in Last Epoch

Fire Attacks:
• Flame Thrower: Launches flames at the character’s feet.
• Dodging Starburst: Uses small window after dodging to deal damage.

Lightning Attacks:
• Lighting Bolt: Channels a beam that shoots from the front.
• Sparks: Unleashes Lightning Balls seeking the character.

Cold Attacks:
• Orbiting Comet and Frozen Ice Storm: Highly lethal; pay close attention to animation to evade.

last epoch shade of orobyss

Physical Attacks:
• Blood Orbs: Seek attack dealing Physical Damage on contact.
• Blood Effigy: Creates a clown inflicting Physical Damage.

Poison Attacks:
• Poison Puke: Deadly, easily strafed around.
• Toxic Spread: Boss attempts to hit with a spread attack.

Void Attacks:
• Void Meteor, Concentrated Burst, Black Hole Decay, Mini Black Holes, Falling Meteor, Exploding Black Hole, Void Rift, Summon Tentacles, Summon Eyes, Oblivion Leap, Void Reform, Void Rush: Various Void projectiles; avoid at all costs.

Unique Drops from Shade of Orobyss Boss:
• Siphon of Anguish: Any Shade level.
• Stymied Fate: Minimum Level 60 Shade at any Corruption value.
• Apathy’s Maw: Minimum Level 65 Shade with at least 50 Corruption.
• Shattered Chains: Empowered Timeline with at least 120 Corruption.

Last Epoch

Eleventh Hour Games is the developer of the hack-and-slash action role-playing game Last Epoch. Free demos were released in April 2018, betas in April 2019, full releases in April 2020, and a postponement until December 2020 ensued.

A multiplayer beta was released in March 2023, and the full game was formally revealed in October 2024. The way the game has changed and evolved over time is a reflection of the developers’ attempts to give players a distinctive and interesting experience.

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