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WoW SoD Phase 3: All Paladin Runes Guide


Players will have access to an increased number of runes to explore and experiment with in World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Phase 3. Owing to runes’ tremendous success thus far, the community is enjoying finding new and entertaining ways to engage with PvP and PvE content in addition to the new ways they can play their classes.

All of the new Paladin runes for SoD Phase 3 will be covered, along with information on how to get them, so you can begin experimenting. Remember that as soon as the runes are found on active servers, we will update the guide. Phase 3 may be a little trickier, even though Phase 2’s discovery process moved along fairly quickly.

WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Paladin Runes

  • Hammer of the Righteous Rune

Due to Hammer of the Righteous’s access to an additional AoE damage type, Paladins will have some additional tanking capabilities.

  • Improved Hammer of Wrath Rune

Upgraded Hammer of Wrath will deal slightly more burst damage to Paladins.

  • Purifying Power Rune

Paladins will deal even more AoE damage by using Purifying Power.

WoW SoD Phase 3: All Paladin Runes Guide

  • Fanaticism Rune

It’s possible that fanaticism will help Holy Paladins become more effective healers.

  • Improved Sanctuary Rune

Holy specs will have greater utility thanks to improved Sanctuary, enabling them to compete with other Healers.

  • Light’s Grace Rune

Grace of Light Paladin Healers appear to have been significantly underestimated by Blizzard, so this rune should give them some extra power.

  • Wrath Rune

Wrath will enhance Paladin’s capacity to hold off more formidable opposition.

WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 3 Paladin Rune Locations

Hammer of the Righteous Rune

Take these actions to get the Fanaticism Rune:

  • Assemble the Fanaticism Rune in advance.
  • Go to Felwood, or route 43–57, and talk to Aeonas.
  • Talk to Gregory; he provides the Materials of Significance quest.
  • Collect Triple-Brewed Molten Lager, Shimmering Grave Dust, Fiery Infernal Core, and Symbol of Faith.
  • Give Gregory back everything in exchange for the rune.

Improved Hammer of Wrath Rune

To obtain the Rune of the Hammer, you must have a friendly reputation with the new Emerald Wardens. The rune is worth 60 Silver and one Gold. Any of the following Quartermasters will sell it to you:

  • Quartermaster Kyleen
  • Quartermaster Valdane
  • Quartermaster Falinar
  • Quartermaster Alandra

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Purifying Power Rune

You must take the following actions in order to obtain the rune:

Access the four Ley Crystals strewn throughout Azeroth. To use Scroll of Geomancy, you will need to either find a Worldcore Fragment from your Imp explorations or work with a Mage. In either case, 4x items are required to fulfill the rune requirements.

Locations of Crystals:

  • Feralas: Route 57-60, The High Wilderness
  • Hinterlands: Way 48 59, north of the Altar of Zul
  • Azshara: Southwest mountains close to Searing Gorge (way 55 65) and The Forlorn Ridge (way 22 79).

A level 47 Arcane Elemental will spawn after it is finished, so it is best to do this in a group. Warlocks, priests, and mages can also obtain their runes.

Fanaticism Rune

You must take the following actions in order to obtain the rune:

  • To obtain The Mysterious Merchant quest, go to Stormwind Cathedral, speak with Aeonas the Vindicated, and then speak with Katherine the Pure.
  • To complete the quest, go to the Theramore Inn in Theramore and talk to the merchant.
  • After eliminating him, go back to the Stormwind Cathedral to complete the quest and obtain the rune.

WoW SoD Phase 3: All Paladin Runes Guide

Improved Sanctuary Rune

Procedure for Gathering Runes

  • Start the Gather The Wild Gods quest in Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood, from the Shadowtooth Emissary.
  • In Jinth’Alor, defeat the elite trolls to get the Wildwhisper Draught.
  • To summon Spirit of Agamaggan, clear the Razorfen Downs region surrounding Amnennar the Coldbringer.
  • Defeat three enemies in three different dungeons to summon a spectral mob.
  • To summon the Delirious Ancient, a level 52 elite, use Agamaggan’s Roar close to the crowd.
  • To summon the Ancient, defeat Maraudon, the Gahz’rilla, and the boss encounters in Blackrock Depths.
  • Gather the three Wild Offerings, then proceed back to the Shadowtooth Emissary to retrieve your runes.

Light’s Grace Rune

Guide to Obtaining Rune of Grace

  • In Feralas, save Frix Xizzix (way 84.2 43.8).
  • Use the teleporter at the base of the peak (way 85.3, 43.6) or in Booty Bay (way 27.6 77.4).
  • Travel 81 42 to reach Wirdel and locate a crashed flying machine.
  • In the Reputation window, set “at War” for “Gadgetzan.”
  • Approach the Automated Tower Defense System and attack it.
  • Heal Frix Xizzix until you start to feel better.
  • In Booty Bay, talk to NPC Rix Xizzix. • Rix Xizzix sells Rune of Grace for one gold piece and restores lost trinkets.

Wrath Rune

You must take the following actions in order to obtain the rune:

  • Use Sense Undead to dispatch a Vengeful Spirit in the Hinterlands (it’s possible that the NPC only appears at night, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet).
  • Once you’ve been slain, proceed to Ironforge and talk to Magister Falath in the Mystic Ward to obtain the way or rune. 27.2 10.0.
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