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Another Self Season 2 Streaming Release Date: When Is It Coming Out on Netflix?


Another Self, the popular science fiction series on Netflix, has recently released its second season. Another self season 2 series based on three best friends include Tuba Büyüküstün as Ada, Seda Bakan as Leyla, Boncuk Yılmaz as Sevgi. 

In the series Three friends arrive in a seaside town where they connect with their souls and face the traumas of their families past.

Sevgi is a cancer patient with liver cancer. When she finds out that her cancer is spreading, she seeks out a healer in Ayvalik who can cure her illness. Her best friend Ada, who is a surgeon, and Leyla who is a famous social media influencer, support Sevgi on this journey.


  • Directed by : Burcu Alptekin
  • Country of origin : Turkey
  • Language :- Turkish
  • Filming Location : Ayvalik, Turkey

Another Self Season 2 Streaming Release Date: When Is It Coming Out on Netflix?

The highly anticipated Season 2 of ‘Another Self’ is on its way to release. This summer, we’re back in Ayvalık. Another Self Season 2, only on Netflix, July 11.

Season 2 journey filled with love, Friendship, Passion and drama as our beloved characters return with new challenges and adventures. The series explores the challenges of life as the three best friends come together to face them head on.

Meet the Cast of ‘Another Self’ Season 2: Who Will Join the Journey?

Step into the world of ‘Another Self Season 2 and meet the talented cast members who breathe life into this captivating series. The talented cast ensemble of Another Self includes

Tuba Büyüküstün will play the role of  Ada in ‘Another self’ season 2.  Ada deals with the world of science and her family’s past. She becomes the friend of Leyla and Sevgi.

Seda Bakan will play the role of Leyla in ‘Another Self Season 2’, She is a vocal social media influencer. Leyla tries to establish a new business.

Boncuk Yılmaz will play the role of Sevgi in ‘Another Self Season 2’,  she seeks out a doctor in Ayavalik who can potentially heal her because her cancer returns. On the other hand, harbors a secret that she keeps even from her closest ones.

Murat Boz will play the role of Toprak in ‘Another Self Season 2’, He is the Ex-boyfriend of Ada and accidentally Ada met him in Ayvalik.

Firat Tanis will play the role of Zaman in ‘Another Self Season 2’, He is the healer and Sevgi decides to take a chance and heal herself with his help.

Another Self Season 2 Release Date

What is the Synopsis of ‘Another Self’ Season 2?

Another Self is a Turkish television series and  the popular science fiction series on Netflix, has recently released its second season. This story follows three best friends Ada, Sevgi, and Leyla. Sevgi was suffering from Cancer. When Sevgi discovered that his cancer was recurring, she decided to go to Ayvalik. Sevgi heard about the Ayvalik from a patient. She heard the name of Zaman, a healer. She decides to take a risk.

Ada is a skilled surgeon and Sevgi know Ada would offended from her decision but she realized that she had to do what she felt would help her.She asked her friend Leyal, a social media influencer to drive her to Ayvalik and Ada came to know about their plans.She initially tries to stop Sevgi but later she support her. And she also decided to go to Ayvalik.

Ayvalik was a small village where patients go for treatment from Zaman. When Sevgi met Zaman He clarified that he would not guarantee whether Sevgi would recover from medical treatment or not. When Zaman touches her palm, she feels an ethereal power touch her soul. Zaman believes that every disease is often a result of the past.

Understanding our past and acknowledging the emotion that came with it was his primary importance. She experienced spiritual energy but Zaman asked her not to discuss it with any other until her reports come. Sevgi recovered from Zaman’s treatment in Ayvalik.

Leyla, who is a social media influencer, showed her work as depicting her perfect life, although her life was not perfect. Her husband is also cheating upon her, and she also knows this truth but she can’t leave him as she loves him alot.Her husband was businessman but he lost all his money due to unlawful activities. After that She also decided to move to Ayvalik with her friend Sevgi.

Ada was selected in Brussels, and she decided to join the research team, but her husband Selim opposed this decision. Selim didn’t want to be far from Ada, and Ada wanted to build her career. When their differences escalated, Selim told her that he had cheated on her. Ada couldn’t forgive him and decided to join Sevgi in Ayvalik.

Another Self Season 2 Release Date

Trailer of ‘Another Self’ Season 2 coming out.

The official trailer of Another Self Season 2 is released, You watch the trailer by clicking the link.

In this trailer, Three best friends are going to Ayvalik for their better future. The second season of this series will be released on Thursday, 11 July 2024 on Netflix.


Another Self, the popular science fiction series is based on three best friends. Each of them was fighting their own problems. Sevgi, who was a cancer patient, decided to go to Ayvalik for her treatment. Where her two friends (Ada and Leyle) went with her. Where they connect with their souls and face the traumas of their families past. This season has 8 episodes and each episode has a run time of 51 minutes.

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