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New Action Movie ‘Blind War’ Streaming in June on Digital and Blu-ray


Blind War (2024) Harkens Back to 80’s Hong Kong Action. Blind war is a Chinese action film. which engrosses the audience so much that despite it being in Chinese, they feel immersed in the film. This film is about Dong Gu, who is a SWAT captain.

He and his team went on a mission that, for some reason, was unsuccessful. After this mission, Dong Gu was left behind, and he had to train himself by ear to detect trouble. In the process, he became blind and had to live the rest of his life this way. He had to continue his career as a SWAT member, but he couldn’t do it alone, so he had to rely on his only daughter to get back on his feet.

A  SWAT captain is permanently injured during a failed assignment and must retire. Although depressed, his daughter gives him hope, and he slowly begins to adjust to his new life. When his daughter is kidnapped, he wants to use all his remaining senses to find her and save her from this battle.


  • Director                       :  Huo Sui Qiang
  • Screenwriter               :  Lin Laogou
  • Genre                          :  Action, Mystery & Thriller
  • Original Language     :  Chinese
  • Runtime                      :  1h 43m

Save the Date: ‘Blind War’ Movie Release Announcement!

War (2024) Harkens Back to 80’s Hong Kong Action. Blind War (2024) is the newest martial arts action film hitting US markets next week.  This action packed epic is available on Digital and Blu-ray on June 11, 2024.

Blind War action movie release date

Meet the Stellar Cast of ‘Blind War’: Unveiling the Characters Behind the Action!

Blind War is a 2022 Chinese action film, that makes the audience feel so engrossed even with the Chinese they are speaking, and you would have to use a subtitle. The cast includes Andy On, Waise Lee, Dao Dao, Vincent Matile, Li Zixioung, AMRO, Yang Xing, Wang Hanyangm, Qi Shenghan.

Andy On cast as Dong Gu, a SWAt captain who was brought in to deal with a terrorist attack at a courthouse. In this attack, The SWAT loses its ability to see.

Waise Lee Chi-hung is a Hong Kong film and television actor best known for playing the roles of villains and antagonists in various films.

Dao Dao Mamat Tursun Mamateli, nicknamed “Dao Dao,” is a Chinese screenwriter and actor of Uyghur descent.

Vincent Matile was born in Marseille, France. He is a French-Swiss actor, also known under the name of Laohu in China. After a consultant career in Europe, he moved to China in 2011, learned Mandarin, and began to perform in various Chinese film and television productions.

Li Zixioung Waise Lee was born on 19 December 1959 in Hong Kong. He is an actor, known for A Better Tomorrow (1986), Bullet in the Head (1990) and Tricky Brains (1991).

Yang Xing shines brightly in the role of the cunning villain Cena, who holds Dong responsible for her husband’s demise. She masterfully deceives him by posing as a police officer but is actually manipulating him for her own agenda, all the while plotting her calculated revenge. Yang Xing’s portrayal adds depth and intrigue to the character, making Cena a formidable adversary in the narrative.

Qi ShengHan, stage name of Qi Han, is a Chinese singer, actor, and host who graduated from Shengyang Music Academy.

AMRO is known for Deep Sea Mutant Snake (2022) and Yitian tulongji (2019).

Wang Hanyangm is known as an Actor. Some of his work includes Demon Sealer Bureau, Blind War, Martial Universe: Nine Talisman Tower, The King of Sniper.

Unlocking the Mystery: Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Blind War’ Movie!

Blind war is a chinese action film. which engrosses the audience so much that despite it being in Chinese, they feel immersed in the film. This film is about Dong Gu, who is a SWAT captain.

“The Blind War” is directed by Yang Lei and features notable actors such as Andy On as Dong Gu, along with others. The film captivates the audience despite being in Chinese, immersing them in its storyline. Dong Gu plays the role of a SWAT captain, facing various challenges throughout the movie. There are emotional moments, like when Dong Gu recalls his difficult past, which resonates with viewers and adds depth to the story.

After breaking protocol during a sudden terrorist attack at the courthouse, the SWAT captain is permanently blinded and is discharged from the team. After coming to terms with his new life, the SWAT captain’s daughter is kidnapped.

The SWAT captain not only fought against loneliness but also battled with those memories which made him very brutal and motivated him to seek revenge.

Blind War action movie release date

Get Ready for Action: Check Out the Explosive Trailer of ‘Blind War’!

This first opened in China back in May 2022 as an online release at the time. Well Go USA will debut Blind War in select US theaters + on VOD starting June 11th, 2024 this summer.

Watch the official trailer of the action movie ‘Blind War’ by clicking the link.


In conclusion, The “Blind War’ is a must watch action movie. This movie is a good one for anyone who loves action movies because the actions in it are very massive from the start of the film until the end of it. There was no dull moment at all, and it was a very interesting one at that.

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