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Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained: Did Chan-Sung Reunite with Man-Wol?

Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained: IU and Yeo Jin-goo star in the South Korean television series Hotel del Luna, which tells the story of a hotel that only serves ghosts.

It aired on tvN from July 13 to September 1, 2019, and was produced by GT: st, written by the Hong Sisters and directed by Oh Choong-hwan.

It was the most-watched tv drama of the year and one of the most-watched cable Korean dramas in history.

In this article, we will discuss what happened in the end of Hotel Del Luna. Scroll down and read the full article.

What is the Plot of Hotel Del Luna?

There is no other hotel like “Hotel del Luna” previously known as “Guest House of the Moon” in the world. During the day, the hotel appears to be a normal hotel, but at night, it takes on an entirely different appearance.

They’re all ghosts dealing with unfinished business from their previous lives before passing on to the afterlife and the cycle of reincarnation; the staff, in particular, have been there for decades or centuries because they’ve never been able to resolve their differences.

General Managers in hotels don’t typically have a human “passersby” filling the role because they need regular human interaction with the outside world, like paying bills or fulfilling ghosts’ requests with still-living family members and friends.

Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained

This hotel in Seoul’s Myeong-dong district is owned by Jang Man-wol Lee Ji-Eun. The hotel that caters to the dead has been bound to her soul for more than a millennium due to a huge sin she committed.

Gu Chan-father, sung’s Oh Ji-ho played by Oh Ji-ho, meets Jang Man-wol and makes a deal: for his life, his son will work 20 years later for her. Gu Chan-sung Yeo Jin-goo is taken abroad by his father, who is desperate to save his son.

In time, he matures into a sincere, level-headed perfectionist with a kind heart. While working as an assistant manager at an international hotel corporation in Seoul, he meets Jang Manwol, who has returned to South Korea 21 years after his father’s death in order to fulfill his promise to become the manager of Hotel del Luna.

In the person of Gu Chan-sung, the enigmas and secrets of the hotel and its owner are unraveled.

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Hotel Del Luna Ending Explanation!

Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained

“Hotel del Luna,” a popular Korean television series, has only one season and 16 episodes, but it tells the entire story of Man-wol and their Chan relationship.

sung’s Towards the end of the season, Man-wol is faced with the choice of either remaining as Chan-owner sung’s and spending the rest of Chan’s life with him or finally departing this world and going to the afterlife.

Chan-Sung Sends Man-Wol Off to The Afterlife

Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained

Chan-sung offers Man-wol the chance to stay with him at the hotel if she drinks moon flower wine, but he refuses and she obeys.

It is Chan-duty sung’s to take care of all the ghosts at the Hotel del Luna, and that includes Man-wol because he is the only human employee. It’s a sad night for the two of them when they realize she won’t be staying at the hotel after all.

It’s impossible for Man-wol to know whether or not she’ll make it to Heaven, but she has faith that her good deeds and lessons learned will be enough to make up for her past transgressions.

It is revealed that Chan-sung had planted the seed of thought that brought Man-wol to the hotel in the first place and that their relationship has come full circle by the time they say their final goodbyes in the show.

Currently, Man-wol and Chan-sung are forced to part ways, with the hope that they will be reunited in the future.

However, many fans hoped that the two would somehow find happiness together. Chan-role sung in “Hotel del Luna” is crystal clear from the get-go. Man-wol, his long-lost love, is one of the many ghosts he must assist in moving on.

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A New Manager Takes Over the Hotel

Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained

A new manager is needed at the Hotel del Luna now that Man-wol has decided to step down. Fortunately, an actor who has appeared in a number of K-dramas before steps in to save the day.

In the final episode of “Hotel del Luna,” actor Kim Soo-Hyun makes a major cameo as the hotel’s new manager, who remains unnamed.

As one of Korea’s most well-known actors right now, Kim appeared with IU in “The Producers” and “My Love from the Star” in the past.

A Netflix original Korean drama called “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” followed Kim’s appearance in “Hotel del Luna.”

This establishment is renamed Hotel Blue Moon in “Hotel del Luna” after Kim’s character is chosen by deity Mago to take over after Man-wol.

There may be some unfinished business for him on Earth, similar to Man- wol’s, but the conclusion doesn’t go into any more detail about his possible past.

Even though Chan-sung retains his ability to see and interact with ghosts after Man-wol departs, it’s up to you to imagine whether or not he and the hotel’s new manager will ever meet.

It was hoped that Kim would lead a second season of the show after the finale, but it appears that this will not be the case, at least not in the near future.

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Do Man-wol and Chan-sung Find Each Other Again?

Hotel Del Luna Ending Explained

Chan-sung and Man-wol are reunited in a park in an epilogue at the end of “Hotel del Luna,” but it’s not clear if this is Chan-imagination sung’s or a real memory from their next life.

It’s unclear what the final scenes of “Hotel del Luna” mean, but the Hong sisters, who wrote the novel, have provided some insight into their intentions. Because Jang Man-wol has died and Gu Chan-sung is still alive, the writers explained to Soompi that “it was impossible for them to be together in that lifetime, unless unnecessarily forced.”

Man-wol was always going to leave Chan-sung behind, but that doesn’t mean their love is over. They had always planned on it.

Writing about Chan-vision sung of a better future, the writers explained that they saw this scene as Chan-sung reflecting on the best possible outcome.

Although Chan-sung may not be aware of how far into the future it is, or what life they are in, he hopes that all of the ghosts will be born again so that they can meet and fall in love all over again.”

As a result, it’s up to viewers to decide whether or not Man-wol and Chan-sung reunite after being reincarnated in Season 1 of “Hotel del Luna.”

Even though it’s almost certain that the K-drama will not return for Season 2, the open-ended finale allows the story to continue in the minds of fans.

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