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Is Miguel Almaguer Gay? Know More About This American Journalist!

US-based journalist Miguel Almaguer has a net worth of .
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5 million. Miguel Almaguer’s birthplace is California, specifically Oakland. He is now a correspondent for NBC News after receiving his degree with honours from San Francisco State.

Almaguer began his career in television in 2000 at KSBW in Salinas, California. In 2003, he began working as a reporter for KCRA-TV in Sacramento, and in 2006, he moved to WRC-TV in the nation’s capital. In 2009, Almaguer was hired by NBC News in Burbank, California.

NBC’s Nightly News, Today, and MSNBC have all featured him. In 2004, Almaguer was honoured with the Edward R. Murrow Award for Spot News, and in 2007, she was honoured with an Emmy for her coverage of the devastating fires in San Diego.

Moreover, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists has recognised Almaguer with awards as well.
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Today Miguel is a reporter for NBC News based in California. His appearances on The Today Show and NBC Nightly News are frequent.

Is Miguel Almaguer Gay?

Since Almaguer has not come out to the public about his sexual orientation, we do not know either way. However, as a result of his private lifestyle, he has allegedly been subjected to numerous gay-baiting rumours.

However, he reportedly stated in an interview that he is not gay and has a preference for women. There is more to be reviewed and updated as soon as it becomes available.

Miguel Almaguer Wife

Since Almaguer prefers to keep his private life that way, details about his romantic involvements are unavailable. Therefore, his marital status and/or family size are unknown. However, as soon as new details become available, they will be added here.

Miguel Almaguer’s Gay Rumors

Since there appears to be no publicly available information about Miguel Almaguer’s romantic history, rumours abound that he is gay. However, these claims have never been confirmed by the journalist. 

In a similar vein, neither fans nor paparazzi has ever spotted him with a male partner, leading us to believe that he is, in fact, straight.

The fact that he hasn’t tied the knot despite being 44 years old has also contributed to the rumours that he’s gay. Fans have also never seen him out on a date, despite the fact that he resides in Los Angeles’s busy studio city.

The journalist is probably not gay, but he may be too discreet to discuss his romantic life openly.

Miguel Almaguer Education

After graduating from Berkeley High, Almaguer enrolled at UC Santa Cruz. He dropped out after his sophomore year and enrolled in a local community college instead.

The most important reason was that his aunt, who is also a news anchor in the San Francisco Bay Area, suggested that he enrol in a class taught by her co-anchor at San Francisco State University (SFSU).

Thus, he earned a degree in broadcast communications from San Francisco State University with honours.

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Miguel Almaguer Family

Born to Clementina and an unidentified father, Almaguer has no known siblings. He and his brother, the identity of whom is unknown at this time, shared their early years. When their mother was battling cancer, her sons took turns caring for her.

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Miguel Almaguer’s Mother Lung Cancer

With the diagnosis of lung cancer in his mother, Clementina, golfer Jason Day has also taken up the cause, and Almaguer has now joined him. Even though she led a healthy lifestyle, Miguel’s mother also developed lung cancer.

According to Miguel, his mother, who was 65 at the time, was initially diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer in 2013. In addition, she had a fantastic diet because she consumed a lot of vegetables.

Plus, she worked out regularly and wrestled with her nephews until they gave up. Because she had never smoked, doctors suspected a genetic mutation.

The American Cancer Society reports that there are several subtypes of lung cancer and that some individuals who develop the disease have no identifiable risk factors. Doctors removed a lobe of Miguel’s mother’s lung during surgery but later discovered cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and possibly elsewhere.
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She then underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but the doctor still expressed concern. It’s a miracle that she didn’t perish but managed to live through it. Miguel, his mom, and the rest of the family are happy to have their old routines back, and he cherishes the time he spends with her.

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