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Is Chica Lesbian? Know More About Her!

Chica TV, whose real name is Maria Lopez, is a Canadian Twitch streamer currently based in New York, United States, but who once called Ontario, Canada, home. We can assume that she is worth $1.2 million.

Her Twitch output mainly consists of recaps of her Fortnite streams. She consistently posts between two and three new videos every week.

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Maria Lopez is not only a livestream player, but a professional gamer who has played for the Doom Clan esports team.

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Right now, she’s a member of TSM’s roster.

Whom Is She Dating?

TSM Chica is very private about the men (and women) she allegedly dated in the past and present, which has led to much speculation about her sexual orientation and romantic relationships.

Some fans speculate that the famous gamer is currently seeing a man who isn’t famous, and that she’s protecting him from the spotlight to protect their relationship (not vice-versa). It has been said that they have been dating for over a year.

Rumor has it that TSM Chica is bisexual or lesbian and has dated other female YouTubers and social media stars. A supporter even claimed to have witnessed them kissing in a Los Angeles bar, but this has not been verified.

In May of 2021, TSM Chica apparently still wasn’t married or a parent.

Early Life and Education

In San Juan, Tsm Chica Was Reared by Her Parents, About Whom We Know Nothing Since They Have Chosen to Remain Anonymous. She Hasn’t Said Much About Her Family, Although She’s Probably Got an Older Brother (even if She Hasn’t Confirmed This).

Since Tsm Chica Spent Most of Her Free Time Playing Video Games as A Child, She Naturally Gravitated Toward the Company of Male Peers, Particularly Because She Found Common Ground with Them in The Realm of Video Games and Sports.

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She Began Playing Video Games Competitively While in High School, with A Preference for First- and Third-Person Shooters. Tsm Chica Had a Plethora of Athletic Interests and Played a Number of Sports, Including Tennis and Soccer. Following High School Graduation in 2012, She Opted Instead to Pursue a Career in The Online World.

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Career as A Gamer (YouTube and Twitch)

When Tsm Chica Secured a Deal with The Tsm Gaming Clan, She Became the Organization’s First Professional Female Player. She Spent Some Time There Before Leaving to Join Doo M Clan, and Is Now a Content Creator and Streamer for Luminosity Gaming.

She Began Broadcasting on The Platform on September 6, 2014, and Has Since Accumulated About Two Million Subscribers, Making Her Channel the 473rd Most Popular in English and The 1,067th Overall.

Over the Course of 312 Days, Tsm Chica Has Spent Almost 7,500 Hours Live-Streaming, and Her Viewers Have Watched Close to 12 Million Hours of This Content. Her Average Live-Stream Audience Is 2,900 People, yet On March 3, 2019, She Had 39,144 Viewers at Once.

Although “fortnite: Battle Royale” (5,739 Hours) Is Where Tsm Chica Spends the Majority of Her Gaming Time, She Has Also Played “tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” (511 Hours), “call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” (481 Hours), and “call of Duty: Warzone” (148 Hours) (109 Hours).

She Uploaded Her First Video to YouTube on March 11, 2015, and As of Now, She Has Over 90 Million Views on All of Her Videos Combined and Over 1.4 Million Subscribers. Her Most Successful Video, “the Legend of Poopyhands (fortnite – Battle Royale) Tsm Chica,” Has Been Seen Over 7.2 Million Times Since It Was Posted on September 29, 2018. Most of Her Content Is Centered Around the Online Battle Royale Game Fortnite.

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Career as A Social Media Star

As Well as Instagram, Tsm Chica May Be Seen on A Wide Variety of Other Platforms.

She First Joined Twitter in February 2013, and Currently Her Account Has Almost 170,000 Followers, However She only Follows Back About 1,100. She Tweets Several Times Daily on Average, and She Just Came Clean About Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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Although She Does Not Have Her Own Facebook Page, She Has Been in A Number of Photos and Videos Posted to Tsm’s Page, Which Has Over 500,000 Likes and Is Updated at Least Once a Week.

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Tsm Chica Is Not only A YouTube Sensation, but Also a Tik Tok Icon, with Over 210 Million Views Across All of Her Videos and Nearly to Six Million Dedicated Fans. These Usually Showcase the Best Moments of Her “fortnite” Gameplays, Though She Has Been Known to Lip Sync, Dance, and Deliver Jokes on Occasion.

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