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Is Bayonetta Lesbian? Find out More About Her Here!

When first seen, the tall and slim woman known as Bayonetta is dressed in a habit, the traditional and restrictive garb associated with the wear of a nun. But in a matter of minutes, this dress is ripped off of her body while she groans, and a speeded-up electronic remix of “Fly Me to the Moon” plays in the background.

It was revealed that she is a witch and that her distinctive attire is a form-fitting latex bodysuit paired with cat-eye spectacles, which gives the impression that she is the sexiest librarian in the world.

She punches and kicks by contorting her body into postures that are physically impossible, such as the splits, and then she fires bullets from weapons that are embedded into her high heels before spinning her legs around like a helicopter.

When she is through, she might even give us a peck on the cheek before she leaves (if we are lucky). Scenes like this one, which is both theatrical and flamboyant, have helped to establish Bayonetta as a legitimate icon for LGBTQ+ gamers. This scene feels typical of many other moments that occur throughout the series.

It establishes Bayonetta’s flare, hyper-femininity, and unapologetic confidence, and it lends both her and the game a type of campiness that is frequently enjoyed by LGBTQ+ fans. Since the first game in the series was released in 2009, Bayonetta has become a beloved character among gay fans.

A large number of these fans are anxiously awaiting Bayonetta 3, which will provide additional details regarding the captivating witch’s past.

“Ever since I saw the advertisements for the first game while I was in middle school,” said Ty Galiz-Rowe, “Bayonetta has held a special place in my heart.” “Aside from her being a gigantic, gregarious woman with gun high heels, she was also a character with big breasts who, while obviously an object of desire, was also the main character with her own game and her own narrative, who also wasn’t villain-adjacent like Ivy Valentine,” he said.

“She was also a character with big breasts who, while obviously an object of desire, was also the main character with her own game and her own narrative.”

Is She Lesbian?

I agree with what others have observed; she comes off to me as bisexual. Bayonetta is a self-assured and alluring young lady. As long as she is satisfied, she does not care who is she with.

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What Is the Nature of Bayonetta and Jeanne’s Relationship?

is bayonetta lesbian

In the distant past, Bayonetta and Jeanne first meet each other when they are children. They grow up on completely different ends of the social ladder in Umbra; Bayonetta (known as Cereza as a child) is viewed as an outcast due to the sacrilegious coupling of her parents, whilst Jeanne was next in line to lead the Umbran Witches.

Bayonetta was given the name Cereza when she was a youngster. As the two of them continue to practice the Dark Arts together, a fierce yet cordial competition develops between the two of them. As a group, they make the transition from renegade witches in training to fully-fledged witches.

They band together in order to put up a fight against the Paradiso Angel army that has ambushed their clan. After the entire Umbran Clan is on the verge of being destroyed, Jeanne makes one last-ditch effort to save her companion by encasing her in crystal and fending off the Angels on her own.

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They didn’t see each other again for several hundred years, but for some reason, they were brought back together. After Bayonetta’s memories were wiped clean and Jeanne was indoctrinated by the Angels, the two of them engaged in a fierce battle to the death against each other.

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