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Mile 22 Ending Explained: Does Alice Survive?

“Mile 22” is a daring and suspenseful spy movie directed by Peter Berg (who also directed “Hancock”) that tells the story of James Silva (Mark Wahlberg), a child prodigy turned high-ranking CIA field officer, and his strike team code-named Overwatch, which gets activated when all diplomatic and military options fail.

“Mile 22” was directed by Peter Berg (who also directed “Hancock”). The majority of the events in the action thriller take place in the made-up nation of Indocarr, which is modeled after Indonesia.

The primary objective of Silva’s squad during the majority of the movie is to transport a high-value target from the United States Embassy to an airstrip located 22 miles away so that he can be safely removed from the country. The difficulty is that the entire apparatus of the government that is hosting them have begun hunting for them in an effort to prevent the target from leaving the country.

The Story of Mile 22

Overwatch conducts a search raid on a Russian Federal Security Service safe house in the United States at the beginning of “Mile 22.” They are looking for cesium shipments. James Bishop serves as the mission’s overall supervisor, despite the fact that Silva is a field leader (John Malkovich).

After ensuring the safety of the location, Overwatch ensures the deaths of every member of the FSB cell. Silva himself kills an 18-year-old youngster. The narrative then jumps forward in time by sixteen months.

The team is currently in Indocarr, which is located in a region where the political situation has become rather unstable. A member of Silva’s staff named Alice Kerr, played by Lauren Cohan, is having problems striking a healthy balance between her professional and personal life.

In addition to this, her local asset, Police Officer Li Noor (Iko Uwais), gave her incorrect intel, which is something that has never occurred in the past. Noor shows up at the United States Embassy with a disc that, according to him, contains information regarding the location of the remaining cesium supply.

However, the disc is encrypted, and in order for Noor to reveal the code, the US authorities must guarantee that they would remove him from the country. Otherwise, he will not reveal it. An officer working for the Indocarr State Intelligence Agency, Axel (played by Sam Medina), has a meeting with the ambassador in order to demand that Noor be handed over to them.

During the course of this conversation, more agents from the country’s intelligence service arrive and attack Noor. However, she is able to kill or take control of all of her attackers.

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Mile 22 Ending

The government of the United States accepts Noor’s offer. They are aware that the government officials in charge of the area will do all in their power to stop Noor from leaving. As a direct consequence of this, Overwatch has been activated. The primary objective of their mission is to transport Noor to an airstrip that is 35 kilometers distant from the embassy.

However, shortly after exiting the premises of the embassy, the members of the elite American military squad came to the conclusion that they were vastly outgunned and outnumbered by their opponents. As they race against time to get Noor to the strip before the jet that was dispatched to pick up Noor leaves, Silva’s subordinates begin to lose their lives one at a time.

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At the conclusion of ‘Mile 22,’ Does Alice Wind up Passing Away?

The story of James Silva and Overwatch, a covert operations squad of the Central Spy Organization (CIA) that he leads up to carry out the dirty, covert work of the American intelligence agency, is told in Mile 22. At the beginning of the film, the Overwatch team is seen conducting a search on a Russian safe house located in the United States in order to locate shipments of cesium.

After the team has been successful in fulfilling their goal, they carry out the plan to execute all of the members of the cell. One of the victims is a boy of 18 years old who warns James that he is making a terrible error before he is killed by the squad. This raid initially appears to have little bearing on the rest of the story, but it turns out to be important later on.

After some time has passed, the Overwatch team finds itself in Indocarr. There, a local police officer named Li Noor, who was previously portrayed by Iko Uwais in the film The Raid, shows up at the United States embassy carrying a disc that he claims contains information pertaining to the most recent batch of cesium that the team was unable to secure during their raid.

However, the disc is encrypted, and Noor will only provide the decryption key in exchange for political refuge in the United States.

mile 22 ending explained

When Indocarr’s intelligence agency makes an attempt to attack and subdue Li, the United States government makes the decision to assist him. Since they expect some resistance from the local government, they ultimately hire Overwatch to transport their asset to a safe location that is 22 miles away from the United States embassy.

James and his second in command, Alice (played by The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan), are able to get Li aboard the plane after a long travel and arduous clashes with what appears to be the entirety of Indocarr’s military forces that leave a lot of the squad dead. But before Li and Alice leave, Li makes a joke to James that is meant to be taken literally and says, “Say hello to your mum for me.”

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As the airplane takes off, the movie’s true stakes become more apparent to the audience. It is revealed that a Russian cell possesses a tracking program that can pinpoint the exact position of Overwatch’s headquarters, and as soon as the cell’s commander gives the go-ahead, assassins kill everyone working there.

It turns out that Vera, a high-ranking Russian official, is in charge of the group, and her son was the 18-year-old boy that James killed at the beginning of the movie. James was James’s son-in-law.

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