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Are Holly and Nathan Still Together: What Happened Between Nathan and Holly?

Nathan and Holly met on day one and started dating after that. They appeared together on Too Hot to Handle. Fans couldn’t get enough of them, whether it was because they were completely in love with each other or because their rule-breaking drained the prize fund completely.

Fans want to know whether or not they still click in the real world now that the cameras are off and they left the villas hand in hand. So, Holly and Nathan still remain a couple?

On Netflix, there is a kind of reality dating game show called “Too Hot to Handle.” The third season was made available in late January 2022. In each season, a number of conventionally gorgeous participants in their 20s dwell on a paradise island while attempting to avoid any kind of sexual contact.

They have a chance to win tens of thousands of dollars in prize money if they can all agree to desist from lustful behavior. However, there hasn’t been a single season of the show where the participants’ libidos didn’t get the better of them.

In Season 3, Holly Scarfone (also known as #Nolly by fans on social media) and Nathan Mingomezulu were particularly obnoxious about having feelings for one another. Because the two couldn’t keep their hands off one another, the prize money pool nearly reached zero at one point throughout the season.

Where are they now, then? Did this pair stick together, or did they break up as soon as the cameras stopped running, just like so many other couples from reality TV before them?

After the Filming, What Happened to Them?

If you’ve binge-watched Too Hot to Handle season 3, you already know that a few couples are still together in the end.

One of them is the duo of Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and Holly Scarfone who essentially disregarded Lana’s instructions throughout the entire show and cost their fellow cast members a fortune in the process.

Are Holly and Nathan Still Together
Are Holly and Nathan Still Together

Their biggest mistake was saying screw everyone and then actually screwing each other. Congratulations to Nathan and Holly for making the prize fund fall from $36,000 to zero as a result!

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After that, Lana disqualified Nathan from the competition but offered him a second chance if he attended a course to help him become a better person (and apparently get his libido under control). Incoming Nathan was welcomed. That ended the matter. However, are Nathan and Holly still dating? Here is what we currently know.

As a Couple, Nathan and Holly Exited the Show

At the conclusion of Too Hot to Handle season 3, only Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond and Nathan and Holly remained.

It appeared like things were going well for Nathan and Holly because they declared their love for one another in the final episode.

Holly and Nathan May Still Be Dating

Although Nathan and Holly haven’t publicly declared their relationship on Instagram, the THTH producers might be directing them to do so.

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The timeframe is another consideration: According to Capital FM, Season 3 was taped in January 2021, thus if the couple is still dating, they have been together for around a year (amazing!).

However, there are some indications that this may be the case. Let’s review the available evidence.

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