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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Are Happy to Have a Boy

Jhené Aiko is the name of the lucky woman who is on Big Sean’s arm. This is a couple to watch out for when it comes to talented power couples in the music business. He is a rapper, and she is a singer.

Their styles go well together. In fact, they have worked together on a number of great songs. They probably feel a lot more inspired when they go into a music studio because they are a team.

Big Sean and Jhené became friends after meeting for the first time in 2012. By 2016, they were ready to work together to make an amazing album as TWENTY88, a new music group.

Even though the lyrics of their songs show that they had a lot of chemistry, they didn’t tell the public about their relationship right away. Later that same year, they kissed on stage during a show, which made everyone wonder what was going on.

After that, Jhené asked her husband, Dot Da Genius, for a divorce. Until she filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, a lot of people didn’t even know she was married.

In 2017, she got a tattoo of Big Sean’s face on her arm, but in 2018, she covered up the tattoo. It was clear that they were done.


In 2019, the artists started hanging out again, which made everyone think they were getting back together.

In April 2020, Big Sean hinted that he might be proposing to her soon. Their relationship has been up and down, but now they are back together and stronger than ever.


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Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Are Happy to Have a Boy

Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s son have arrived. The couple, who have been seeing each other on and off since 2016, had their first child together in secret on November 8.

Jhene posted a few pictures and the following message on Instagram: “11/08/22 Noah Hasani, after 24 hours of labour, a total lunar eclipse, and while it was pouring rain, he came my baby Yoda, my Sani.”

Big Sean, who is 34, said, “After 24 hours of labour, a lunar eclipse, and rain from the start of labour until he was born, he’s here safe and sound. We are happy, healthy, and have everything we could want and more. Son, I’ll do anything for you. Noah 11/8/22.”

Big Sean, who used to date pop star Ariana Grande, and Jhene first announced that they were expecting in July. At the time, the “Blessings” singer said he “can’t wait” to become a father for the first time.

On Instagram, he wrote, “Whole new motivation formal! … Very thankful that God keeps blessing us. Thank you. (sic)” The famous couple broke up for a short time in 2019, but they got back together the next year.

In 2021, Jhene talked about them together and said that their relationship is based on a very strong friendship.

The 34-year-old singer also said that she’s always felt “comfortable with him” and that their relationship is different from anything else she’s ever had.


She said, “When I first met Sean, the one thing I can say is that he felt familiar right away like I already knew him, and I was immediately comfortable with him… I had never felt that feeling of like, I’ve met you before …

“Our friendship is very strong, and that’s what has made our relationship what it is: the fact that we’re real friends who know each other well.”

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