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 Owner of “A Christmas Story” House Attacks Actor Taking Photos With Fans

The house from the 1983 movie “A Christmas Story” is for sale and getting a lot of attention. One actor from the movie, Yano Anaya, was caught taking pictures with fans on the property, which made the owner very angry.

In a video shot on November 15 and given to TMZ, Anaya, who played Grover in the movie, can be seen taking pictures with people who seem to be fans of the movie on the porch steps of a house. The owner, who is said to be named Brian Jones, yells at Anaya and tells him to leave right away.

“Get the hell out of my house right now!
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Get the hell out of here! Jones can be heard yelling, “I’m not joking!” in the video. Anaya, who seems confused, steps down, but Jones keeps shouting.
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“Kick it! Get out of here. Get out! Get off my land and don’t come back here again. Never ever again. “Leave now, I mean it,” Jones told Anaya as he walked up to her. Anaya seemed to try to talk to Jones as he was walking away. Jones then called Anaya a “scammer.”

yano anaya
yano anaya

In another clip of the incident, Jones was talking to someone else and asking, “Do you know what this guy’s doing? You don’t know what a cheat and loser this guy is.” Anaya asked Jones to explain why people were calling him that.

“Why don’t you talk to me about it so that we can fix it?” Anaya asked, but Jones walked away as the video ended.
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After the house was put up for sale, Anayo and some of his “A Christmas Story” co-stars were interested in buying it, according to TMZ. Anayo’s business partner, Emmanuel Soba, says that Jones’s outburst caught them by surprise because the day before the incident, they had a positive phone conversation with Jones about possibly buying the house.

Jones said in an apology that he was worried that “fans could be tricked into giving money to a GoFundMe campaign that won’t help buy the house.”


“I’m not involved in any GoFundMe campaign. Jones told TMZ, “I’m not selling the house through Go Fund Me, so fans shouldn’t give money to that fund thinking it will go toward buying the house.” “I will only consider offers from qualified buyers who go through my real estate agent.”

A volunteer member of Anaya’s group set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy the house, but that page is no longer being used.

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