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Irreverent Trailer: Colin Donnell Poses as a Reverend in Peacock Drama!

Colin Donnell to Star in Peacock Crime Drama ‘irreverent’

Colin Donnell of Chicago Med and Arrow will star in Peacock’s Australia-set crime drama Irreverent.

The series, which received a straight-to-series order last month, will also star PJ Byrne, Kylie Bracknell, Briallen Clarke, Tegan Stimson, Ed Oxenbould, Wayne Blair, Russell Dykstra, Calen Tassone, and Jason Wilder as series regulars.

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Irreverent follows a Chicago robber who botches a heist and is forced to hide out in a small Australian reef town in Far North Queensland as the new church Reverend.

Irreverent Trailer: Colin Donnell Poses as a Reverend in Peacock Drama

Mack/Paulo, a skilled and articulate mediator who keeps the peace between Chicago’s organized crime families, will be played by Donnell. After a mediation fails miserably, Mack flees to a remote beach town in tropical Australia, where he is forced to assume the identity of a Reverend in order to stay one step ahead of those who want him dead.

The series is produced by Matchbox Pictures, the NBCU-backed production company behind Cate Blanchett’s Stateless, and is a co-production between Peacock and Netflix Australia. It was created by Paddy Macrae (Wanted).

Colin Donnell Previews His Irreverent Journey From Criminal to Faux Reverend in Peacock Series — Watch

Colin Donnell, a Chicago Med vet, returns to the Windy City in Peacock’s darkly comedic new series Irreverent (which premieres this Wednesday), but it’s not long before a troubling turn takes him to a strange town down under.

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Donnell plays Paulo, a criminal mediator who is forced to flee Chicago due to a dangerous situation. Paulo meets Reverend Mackenzie Boyd (The Boys’ P.
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J. Byrne) on his flight, who is going through his own crisis.

Following a series of strange events, Paulo is forced to pose as Reverend Mack and travel to the small Australian reef community of Clump, which is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new reverend.

“I think the simplest way to describe Paulo/Mack is that he’s anything that he needs to be in front of whoever he happens to be in front of,” Donnell teases in the video interview above.
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“So he’s like this chameleon, adapting to whatever situation he finds himself in, and he’s got so much charisma and street smarts, and the ability to shift really serves him well, especially given all the drama that he finds himself in.”

Irreverent Trailer: Colin Donnell Poses as a Reverend in Peacock Drama

When Paulo arrives in Clump and is forced to oversee his eccentric new flock, he must truly adapt to his circumstances.

“Not only is he in a new place that he’s never been to on the other side of the world from where he started,” Donnell explains, “but he’s impersonating a person and a job that he knows next to nothing about.
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” “And he’s surrounded by probably the most colorful cast of characters in the world that he could be dropped into.” He’s really just doing his best to survive.”

Irreverent Trailer: Colin Donnell Poses as a Reverend in Peacock Drama

Colin Donnell is about to take on a completely new role.

The Chicago Med and Arrow alum will star in the dramedy Irreverent, which will premiere on November 30th on Peacock.

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On the premiere date, all ten episodes will be available.

“A criminal mediator from Chicago is forced to flee his life and everything he knows, posing as the new church Reverend in a small Australian reef community in Far North Queensland,” Peacock teases.

 “Reverend Mackenzie Boyd (not his real name) has made such a mess that he can never return home, but he’ll need all of his considerable street smarts to pull off posing as clergy – something he knows nothing about.”

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