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How Tall is Liam Neeson and How Much Does He Weigh?

Liam Neeson is the stage name of William John Neeson. He is an actor who works in the movies in Hollywood. He is from Northern Ireland. He has won a lot of prizes and awards. Neeson has worked on many different projects over the course of his long career.

He won the British Academy Film Award, two Tony Awards, and other awards for his heart-warming performances throughout his show business career.

How Tall Is Liam Neeson?

He’s a big guy, and it shows. This Irishman has all the qualities of a big action star, and his size is just the icing on the cake. In 1991, the actor said the following about his height: “When I was 16, I started growing taller, and now I’m 6ft 4in. Another time, he told Conan, “I’m Six Four and a little bit.

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Most people think the star is 6ft 4in tall, which is a little bit tall, and they say that others might think he is shorter than that because he has bad posture. Yes, when you get the chance, look closely at the actor. He has a bit of slack.

Here is a list of famous people who are the same height as the person in question. Liam Neeson’s height is the same as that of Drake, Clint Eastwood, Stephen King, Steven Seagal, and Michael Phelps.

how tall is liam neeson
how tall is Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson Weigh

Most of the time, Liam Neeson kept his weight at 96 kilograms, which is a healthy weight. Yeah, that’s a good size for someone as tall as he is. But the actor was seen looking weaker and thinner than ever as recently as 2015. No, the actor wasn’t getting treatment for a disease that was going to kill him, in case that’s where your mind went.

Liam was losing weight for a new movie. According to the Mirror, the star has changed again for his next role, which is in the historical drama Felt. Felt is the story of Mark, who was known as Deep Throat, and how he helped journalists in the 1970s find out about the Watergate scandal.
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Size, weight, and other physical details Body Measurements

  • Height 34 inches (1.88 m)
  • Waist 34 inches
  • Weight 85 kg (187 lbs)
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Color Brown
  • Shoe Size 12 US


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