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Is Michael Jackson’s Mother ‘Katherine Jackson’ Still Alive? If Yes, Where is She Now?

Katherine Jackson is the head of the Jackson family of entertainers, which includes her children Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson.

Early Years and Education

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive?

Katherine Esther Jackson was born Kattie B. Screws on May 4, 1930, in Clayton, Alabama. She was the eldest child of Martha (née Upshaw; December 14, 1902 – April 20, 1990) and Prince Albert Screws (October 16, 1907 – January 21, 1997). Jackson got polio when she was two years old, which made her walk with a limp. In 1934, her father’s last name changed to Scruse, and he gave her the name Katherine Esther Scruse.

Jackson wanted to be an actress or country singer when she was young, but she was disappointed that there were no famous black country singers. When she was young, her parents split up. She joined the band at Washington High School in East Chicago, Indiana, when she was a student there.

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive?

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive?

Yes, She is Still Living at The Age of 92. Jackson’s parents, Martha and Prince Albert Screws named her Kattie B. Screws. She was the older of their two daughters. Jackson got polio when she was two, which caused her to walk with a noticeable limp for the rest of her life. In 1934, her father’s last name changed to Scruse, and she was given the new name Katherine Esther Scruse.

As a child, Jackson wanted to be an actress or a country singer, but she was disappointed to find out that there were no famous black country stars. Jackson’s parents split up when she was a child.

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Katherine Jackson’s Net Worth

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive?

As of November 2022, Katherine Jackson has an estimated net worth of $100 Million (Source: Celebrity Net Worth). Jackson is one of the most important people in the history of pop music. She was married to Joe Jackson and was the mother of ten Jackson children, the most famous of whom was Michael Jackson, who died in 2009.

Michael died in 2009, and when he did, he gave his mother a 40% share of his estate. A lot of that money will eventually go to Michael’s kids, who already have control over 40% of it. The last 20% of Michael Jackson’s huge estate went to a number of charities for children.

In 2018, it was said that Katherine’s health was getting worse and that her children and grandchildren were “fighting for position” to get more of her money. One source said that Jackson got $67,000 a month from the Michael Jackson estate, but that almost all of it went to her children and grandchildren.

LaToya and Rebbie Jackson were said to get $37,000 a month, and Jermaine Jackson was said to get $12,000. And it was said that some of her grandchildren were getting $10,000 a month to pay their rent.

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Personal Life

Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive?
Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson.

In March 1973, Jackson filed for a divorce, but he later decided to take the papers back. Joh’Vonnie Jackson was born in August 1974. She is the daughter of Joe and Cheryl Terrell. In 1982, Jackson would try to get a divorce again, but he would take the papers back. Jackson and Joe’s marriage would be recognized by the law until Joe died in 2018.

Even though there were rumors that they were no longer together, Jackson denied them. Jackson’s autobiography, My Family, The Jacksons, came out in 1990. It was about her early life and her relationship with her husband and their children. Eight of their children wrote tributes to their mother in the book’s foreword.

In 1980, Jackson and her two youngest children, Randy and Janet, approached a lady who worked for Joe’s company and whom Jackson had long been rumored to have accused of having an affair with Joe. The miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream, which came out in 1992, retold the story.

In the miniseries, Jackson was shown talking to Joe about the alleged incident instead of the woman. Jackson and her daughter La Toya grew apart in the late 1980s when her daughter was being managed by her husband Jack Gordon.

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Is Katherine Jackson Still Alive?

In her memoir, “La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family,” published in 1991, La Toya said that Michael Jackson was emotionally abusive. Jackson denied these claims and said that La Toya’s husband “brainwashed” her. After she filed for divorce from Gordon in 1997, La Toya and her mother got back together.

Michael gave her the album Thriller, which came out in 1982. Janet did the same thing after Rhythm Nation 1814 came out in 1989. In 1985, the national urban magazine Essence named her “Mother of the Year” because she had helped her children become successful musicians.

In The Jacksons: An American Dream, which came out in 1992, Angela Bassett played Jackson. In the 2004 movie Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, she was played by Patricia Idlette.

In an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010, Jackson said that her husband had told her that he had hit their kids. Some people have said over the years that Joe hurt his children, which he has always denied.

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