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How Tall is Snooki: How Short is She Really?

Snooki’s body after having a baby is all over the news these days. There’s no doubt that she looks great and seems to be getting in shape by using some pretty normal methods.

But before the new mom was judged for how she looked while pregnant or after giving birth, she was teased for being short.

She is extremely short, even shorter than Deena Nicole, which isn’t really news. How short is it? Well, Snooki has been saying for a while that she’s 4’9″ But it looks like that’s not exactly true

Snooki’s real height was shown on a recent episode of Jersey Shore when she asked nurses to measure her height during a trip to the doctor with Jenni (who fractured her foot during a fight). She turned out to be

4’8″! Yuuup! Some people might say, “Aww, that’s so cute!” (Some people will joke that if you are under 4’10”, you are “legally” a “little person” — sigh). But Snooks doesn’t like to talk about how tall she really is. As she left the doctor’s office, she was upset and “wah wah”-ing about having “shrunk.

” Hmm.

how tall is snooki
how tall is snooki

I don’t think that’s the case. It seems more likely that she was mistaken when she said she was 4’9″. But, man, if I could talk to Snooki, I’d tell her, “Keep your head up, short sister!”

I know exactly where she’s coming from, after all. I thought I was 4’11” and would tell people I was 4’11”, not 5′, but like Snooki, I went to the doctor a few years ago and was told I was actually 4’10.5″. If that happens. Okay, then what?

I’ll say it: when you’re as short as we are, most of your clothes need to be hemmed or tailored. (And sometimes, overly concerned “fabulous” stylists will give you unsolicited advice about how to make up for being short by making your hair bigger and your heels higher. Pfft!) But oh well! It’s a small (tee hee) price to pay in the grand scheme of things, and believe it or not, as much as I’ve been teased about my height (my whole life! ), I’ve also heard a lot of envy from my taller friends.


There’s always something better, right? Everyone has their own problems, and in general, being small is a beautiful thing.

You have to own it. After all, being short is just one more thing that makes Snooki, me, and other women under 5 feet tall unique, and anything that makes you different is beautiful.

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