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Is Kevin Hart’s True Story on Netflix Based on Real Events?

Favorite Jumanji actor Kevin Hart has joined forces with Blade actor and Hollywood legend Wesley Snipes for the massively popular True Story series on streaming giant Netflix.

International comic star The Kid (Hart) is returning to his birthplace of Philadelphia with a whole new level of fame.

The Kid goes out for a crazy night after returning to his hometown and being reunited with his elder, less successful brother Carlton (Snipes).

However, things take a terrifying turn the following morning when The Kid is awakened by Carlton and discovers the woman who had been sleeping next to him has passed away. The events that follow include murder, betrayal, laughter, and tears.

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True Story is a work of fiction, despite the title’s insinuation to the contrary, however, there are some aspects of the plot that are true to Kevin Hart’s real life.

Is True Story Based on a True Story?

Naturally, Hart and his character are both well-known stand-up comedians from Philadelphia; in fact, showrunner Eric Newman (Narcos) told the New York Times that Hart wanted to play a character who was like himself.

Obviously, Hart has never engaged in any of the sinister activities shown in this seven-episode series, but he has claimed that someone in his position is continually tempted to act inappropriately.

who is true story based on
who is true story based on

He told the New York Times, “It’s so simple to do stupid stuff. “You can access it whenever you want. Living morally requires intentional effort, as does doing the right thing. It’s also works.

“Not that it’s awful work, but you’re always working to make sure you’re doing things correctly and appropriately. You need a strong support system that can say no to you.

Hart’s real-life experience, in which he believes that a natural ability to multitask allows him to get a “mind-blowing” number of things done, also served as inspiration for The Kid’s hectic schedule in True Story.

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In his Netflix documentary Don’t F**k This Up, the comic describes how his older brother, Robert—not Carlton—was emancipated by their mother when he was a young man.

Nevertheless, the tense link that still exists between Kevin and Robert in real life and not the strained one that exists between Carlton and The Kid.

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