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Shakira Speaks Up About Rumors That She is Dating a Surfing Instructor

Shakira has just sent an important message in response to the widespread rumours surrounding her love ties with a person who instructs surfers.

After ending her relationship with Gerard Pique, which lasted for years, the Waka Waka singer has recently been rumoured to have moved on with her romantic life and found a new love.

Shakira, however, addressed the rumours by saying, “Out of respect for my children and the delicate phase they are going through, I beg the media to cease the speculation.” This put an end to the rumours.

According to Marca, she said, “I have no partner and nothing other than committing myself fully to the care of my children and their well-being.”

In the meantime, it was also claimed that the surf teacher has been in contact with their whole family. This is due to the fact that he has previously instructed Gerard in the sport of surfing.

When Shakira and Gorka Ezkurdia, both 24, were seen surfing together on a beach, rumours began to circulate that the two were romantically involved.


Is Shakira Dating Her 24-year-old Surfing Instructor?

Several months after Shakira ended her relationship with Gerard Pique, rumours began to circulate that she was seeing her surf instructor.

shakira and surf instructor
shakira and surf instructor

The artist responsible for the hit “Waka Waka” was reportedly seen at a beach with her 24-year-old surfing instructor, Gorka Ezkurdia, according to a story by Marca Magazine.

The two can be seen standing relatively near to one another in the photographs that were released by the outlet. The report claims that this is not the first time the two individuals have been photographed together.

This comes after Shakira formally signed a child custody agreement with her former partner Pique, who has conceded to the singer’s desires for the care of their child.

After what Pique describes as an “intense” and “long” 12-hour conversation with Shakira, the couple’s children, Sasha and Milan, will be able to go to Miami with their mother.

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