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Who Is James Pendergrass? Age | Instagram | Tiktok | Job!

Season 4 Too Hot to Handle star James Pendergrass is on our radar, and we’re here to tell you why he should be on yours, too.

At first glance, James may appear to be your typical handsome reality TV star, with muscles for days, a smile that melts hearts, and a pretty lavish lifestyle that everyone wishes for. But as you learn more about this star, you’ll understand why we believe he’s the fans’ favorite cast member to date.

James Pendergrass Age

James Pendergrass was born on February 18, 1999, in Hawaii and is currently 23 years old. He is born under the sign of Aquarius.

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James Pendergrass Instagram

His Instagram account, @jamespendergrass_, details his interests. While it’s clear that he enjoys traveling and sports, his account also shows that he enjoys films and television shows like the rest of us.

Who Is James Pendergrass? Age | Instagram | Tiktok | Job!

His page contains images of titles such as Invincible, The Matrix, The Incredible Hulk, and many more, implying that he may be a fan of a few Netflix shows. (We’re curious about which ones!)

Perhaps in the future, he’ll have an Instagram grid of Stranger Things or Dead to Me. You’ll have to follow James on Instagram to find out!

James Pendergrass Tiktok

If you thought his Instagram told you everything about his day-to-day life, wait until you see his TikTok.

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His Instagram account, @james.pendergrass, has over 13,600 followers for his numerous workout videos, some of which teach how to build a muscular body.

Whether you’re looking for workout tips or just want to see more of James, don’t forget to follow him on TikTok to see more of his videos in your feed.

James Pendergrass Job

In addition to being an athlete, personal trainer, vlogger, and film buff, James Pendergrass dabbles in entrepreneurship.

His clothing line, OA Essentials, specializes in athletic wear that is both comfortable and fashionable, so if you’re looking for some affordable pieces, James’ brand might be able to help.

Who Is James Pendergrass? Age | Instagram | Tiktok | Job!

Meet James Pendergrass, the Youngest Cast Member of Too Hot to Handle Season 4

Too Hot To Handle returns with a new batch of singles ready to mingle, but they have no idea what digital assistant Lana has in store for them.

James Pendergrass, 23, is one of the singles set to appear on Netflix’s dating reality show. The contestant is a physical therapist from Hawaii who has done some modeling.

The upcoming contestant is an athlete who enjoys shooting hoops whenever possible, and his athletic experience may come in handy when Lana lays down her rules. His Instagram account currently has 7169 followers, which is expected to grow once the show airs.

As an influencer, the Too Hot To Handle contestant frequently posts about his fitness regimen as well as branded content.

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QA ESSENTIALS, a clothing brand specializing in activewear, and Sweet Enemy Clothing, another clothing brand, are two of the brands he has modeled for and promoted on his social media account.

More About Too Hot to Handle

The fan-favorite dating show is back with a bigger prize than ever. The season will begin with $200,000, and the contestants must not lose any money. They will be completely unaware of the show in which they are participating at first.

The contestants will know exactly what they’ve signed up for after spending the first 24 hours with Mario Lopez, the host of the bogus show Wild Love, including a month of no kissing, physical intimacy, or self-gratification.

The goal of the show is to assist singles in forming deep and meaningful connections that they are unable to form in the outside world due to physical intimacy. They will take part in tasks and workshops that will help them get to know themselves and their partners better. However, Lana’s curveballs are never easy.

Lana will introduce new singles who will join the original cast on their journey during their stay.

Who Is James Pendergrass? Age | Instagram | Tiktok | Job!

Tune in to Netflix on December 7 to find out what happens when Too Hot To Handle season 4 debuts.

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