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What is the Most Popular Episode of Once Upon a Time?

Once Upon a Small Town (Korean: ) is a 2022 South Korean streaming television series directed by Kwon Seok-Jang and starring Park Soo-young, Choo Young-woo, Jung Suk-Yong, and Baek Seong-Cheol.

Adapted from Park Ha-web min’s novel, this KakaoTV original series is a romantic comedy about Seoul veterinarian Han Ji-Yul being unexpectedly thrown into a rural village and meeting local police officer Ahn Ja-young.

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The first episode premiered on KakaoTV on September 5, 2022, with a new episode airing every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 19:00 (KST) for four weeks. It is also available on Netflix in certain territories.

The Ending Explained

Ji-Yul has the opportunity to read the note his grandfather wrote when he is alone. The old man had decided to fulfill his 50-year-old wife’s dream by taking her on a trip around the world.

Once Upon a Small Town Ending Explain

He did this to make amends for the difficulties she had faced after her children died. The fact that the young veterinarian went to the animal hospital late at night to care for the animals demonstrates that he understands.

Ji-Yul sees Ja-young swimming in the river while out for a walk. The episode concludes with them both exclaiming, “I know you!

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Once Upon a Small Town Season 1 Episode 1 Recap and Review

We begin with a vet visit for Mr. Walnut, a dog with Brachycephalic Syndrome. The doctor’s phone continues to ring during the appointment, but he ignores it, dismissing the noises as “spam” while explaining that the snorting animal needs its throat checked.

When Ji-Yul finally gets his phone, he quickly leaves his job and attempts to call his grandfather while driving. Then he goes to the elder’s house and calls the police to see if any accidents have occurred in Huidong.

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He appears concerned about what may have occurred. In the background, the cops are preparing to apprehend the vet, whom they suspect of attempting to rob the house.’

Unfortunately for Ji-Yul, an overzealous police officer knocks him out before the situation is clear, forcing him to go to the hospital on the spot. When the vet wakes up, he discovers that his grandfather went on a cruise and that the “there’s not much time left” message was simply a warning about his grandfather’s departure.

The vet is then given the keys to the house and the hospital (which is run by Ji-grandfather), Yul’s, and he is abruptly told that he will be in charge of the village’s only veterinary hospital while his family is away.

Once Upon a Small Town Ending Explain

Things don’t go as planned when Ja-young offers the vet a ride back to Ji-temporary Yul’s address. She ends up shocking Sang-Hyeon so much that he falls into a mud pit while she isn’t looking. The boy’s new shirt is filthy and needs to be washed several times.

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Still, the trip is beneficial because a stop at Mr. Cho’s house demonstrates that a “feral” dog that was captured needs to be treated for the wounds it received.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Which Episode of Once Upon a Small Town Do They Kiss?

In Episode 11 of Once Upon a Small Town, Ja-young Finally Confesses Her Feelings for Ji-Yul With a Passionate Kiss.

Is It Worthwhile to Watch Once Upon a Small Town?

Once Upon a Small Town Has the Ability to Keep Viewers Hooked From the First Episode. It Has a Unique Enchantment That Both Engrosses and Makes You Happy. It is a Good Watch for a Weekend Binge or When You Want to Comfort Yourself Alone.

What is the Most Popular Episode of Once Upon a Time?

There is No Place Like Home (9.4) the Season 3 Finale of Once Upon a Time Received the Highest Episode Rating of Any Season. Following the aforementioned “Snow Drifts,” Emma and Hook Wander Through a Past Version of the Enchanted Forest, Where They Must Find a Way to Bring Charming and Snow Together.

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