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The Traitors Episode 9: Where Can You Watch This Series?

Traitors is a British television drama miniseries created by Bathsheba Doran that premiered in 2019 on Channel 4 and Netflix.

Traitors are set in 1945 London, after World War II, and follows a young woman hired by the American Office of Strategic Services to identify a Soviet spy in the Cabinet Office. 

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The Traitor Episode 9 Release Date

The Traitors is a 12-part drama series broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom and Peacock in the United States. Episode 9 of The Traitor will air on December 16th.

The Traitors Episode 9

Alan Cumming hosts the US version of The Traitors, which features reality stars, citizens, and celebrity candidates. It will premiere on January 12, 2023, and all episodes will follow on the same day.

The Traitor Synopsis

The Traitors, a popular Dutch reality show, has been picked up by BBC1 and Peacock for a reality/challenge series that will air in both the UK and the US. Claudia Winkleman’s 12-part psychological game of deception features unexpected twists and turns.

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Among the 22 competitors in the UK, the competition is a magician, cheerleading coach, author, pensioner, BMX athlete, spa therapist, and property developer.

When they arrive at a great Scottish castle, Claudia chooses a small number to be ‘traitors,’ after which the remaining ‘faithful’ are eliminated by being murdered by the traitors. Meanwhile, traitors can be ‘banished’ if a loyal exposes them as a traitor.

Claudia Winkleman selects a small group of players to be The Traitors at the start of the game. The remaining participants are known as “The Faithful,” and none of The Faithful know who The Traitors are.

The Traitors meet in secret each night and plan to murder one of The Faithful; however, the murdered player does not appear when the group meets for breakfast the next morning.

The Traitor Episode 8 & 9 Spoilers

Breakfast is tense now that the game has reached the halfway point, as the Faithfuls wait to learn who the Traitors murdered the night before. However, that is not the only story that emerges from the morning, as one of the characters makes a terrible discovery that sends the entire group into shock and jeopardizes relationships.

Despite the fantastic news, the party members must travel deep into the woods to complete another epic task and increase the reward pool. When they return, host Claudia Winkleman significantly alters the game.

The Traitors Episode 9

The participants had more than a hangover from the previous night’s party games. Relationships are put to the test as one person expresses regret for their actions, and accusations fly.

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As the round table approaches, one of the players’ decisions astounds the group, shifting the game in favor of the Traitors and sending shockwaves throughout the castle. The tense reality game show is hosted by Claudia Winkleman.

The Traitor Streaming Guide

Outside of the UK, viewers can watch The Traitors (UK) Episode 9 on BBC iPlayer at the times and dates listed above. In order to use the service, fans of this show must enter their names.

Traitors Trailer

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