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Fiery Priest Season 2C: Everything You Need to Know About This Series!

The Fiery Priest is a South Korean television series that premiered in 2019 and stars Kim Nam-Gil, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Hanee, Go Jun, and Keum Sae-rok.

It was the first drama to air on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays between February 15 and April 20, 2019.

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What is the Fiery Priest About?

The action comedy-drama is filled with silly humor and endearing characters. The show also featured parodies of popular films and dramas. The first season of The Fiery Priest is now available on Netflix.

Fiery Priest Season 2C

“The Fiery Priest” revolves around Kim Hae-il, a Catholic priest with severe anger management issues, and a gutless detective who team up to solve a murder case.

The Fiery Priest – Release Date

As of now, the anticipated release of SBS drama season 2 ‘The Fiery Priest’ will coincide with the release of ‘Taxi Driver’ in 2023.

Where Can You Watch the Fiery Priest

The fiery priest can be watched on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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Awards Received By The Fiery Priest

Kim Nam Gil won a total of eight awards at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards. Kim Nam Gil was also named best actor at the Busan International Film Festival and the Seoul International Drama Awards.

The popular series starring Kim Sung Kyun and Kim Nam Gil had a peak viewership rating of 22%. In the final episode of season 1, the drama teased its return with the message “We will be back.”

Great news for fans who have been waiting four years for their favorite drama to return: it will return in 2023. Season 2 of The Fiery Priest has generated a lot of buzzes online.

The Upcoming Cast Members of the Fiery Priest Season 2

The main cast, including Kim Nam-Gil (as Kim Hae-il / Michael Kim), is expected to return for a second season and reprise their roles.

Fiery Priest Season 2C

Moon Woo-jin (as young Hae-il), Kim Sung-Kyun (as Goo Dae-young), Lee Hanee (as Park Kyung-sun), Go Jun (as Hwang Cheol-bum), and Keum Sae-rok are the actors who played the roles (as Seo Seung-ah).

The Fiery Priest Season 2: Will It Be Out by Fall 2022?

It’s too early to speculate at this point because no word has been heard from the producers other than that another season is in the works. This could also be because the creators are purposefully not revealing anything in order to keep it a surprise for the fans who are eagerly awaiting the drama’s return with season 2.

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The Fiery Priest season 2 is expected to premiere in the fall of 2023, according to rumors, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Fiery Priest Season Trailer

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