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The Ending Of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Explained: Everything You Need To Know!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an American television sitcom created by Andy and Susan Borowitz for NBC.

It aired from September 10, 1990, to May 20, 1996.

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Will Smith plays a fictionalized version of himself, a street-smart teenager born and raised in West Philadelphia who is sent to live with his wealthy uncle and aunt in Bel-Air, where his lifestyle frequently clashes with that of his upper-class relatives.

What Happened in the Bel-air Finale?

If Will’s life wasn’t already chaotic, a surprise visit from his father Lou throws everything off track, including his meeting with Lisa, which he quickly forgets about. Pause.

We were taken aback by Marlon Wayans, known for Scary Movie and White Chicks, effortlessly adopting such a serious demeanor as dad Lou. Is it the full beard?

The Ending Of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Explained

Will discovers the truth after much deception on the part of his mother Vy (April Parker Jones), Phil, and Vivian: that his father did not abandon him but has been in prison all these years.

Will is initially reserved and confrontational, but as they bond over a shared memory, he begins to soften toward Lou. This happy reunion quickly turns sour when Lou blames Vy for the decisions that landed him in jail.

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Some harsh words are exchanged, and Phil stops Lou from getting physical with Will. Lou storms out, leaving Will to process his feelings.

Will harbors resentment for having been duped. He’s left with the feeling that he doesn’t know who to trust, so he leaves Bel-Air with only a few possessions and a wad of cash that Carlton sneakily slips into his pocket.

Will was last seen with Jazz (Jordan L Jones) on a cliff overlooking the Los Angeles skyline (a nod to episode one), unsure of his next move. Will he return to Bel-Air, or to Philadelphia, or will he strike out on his own?

The Ending of Fresh Prince of Bel-air Explained

For many fans, the only negative aspect of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is that it ended. Susan and Andy Borowitz created the hilarious sitcom, which debuted on NBC in 1990 and ran for six seasons before ending in 1996.

The Ending Of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Explained

During that time, fans got to know the entire Banks family, not just Will. Every character had their own distinct personality and grew significantly throughout the series. They also had complex, believable interpersonal relationships that made them feel like a real family.

The show was a success, but it ended because, “Will,” didn’t think it should continue (via Entertainment Weekly). He felt the storylines weren’t as strong as they used to be, and he wanted to pursue a film career rather than stay on the small screen.

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If you don’t remember where the characters ended up or if you missed the two-part series finale, we’re here to help. So take a minute, just sit there, and we’ll tell you all about the ending of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

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