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Clickbait Ending Explained: Here are All the Details About the Series!

Clickbait is a drama miniseries created by Tony Ayres and Christian White.

Ayres serves as showrunner, and the directors are Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young, and Laura Besley.

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It was released on Netflix on August 25, 2021.

‘Clickbait’ Netflix Ending Explained: Who Killed Nick Brewer?

Clickbait is Netflix’s new high-octane thriller with a dark online twist. Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier), a seemingly ordinary man, is kidnapped and forced to film a bizarre ransom video. He confesses to sexual assault using a series of cue cards.

Clickbait Ending Explained

Worryingly, his kidnappers have promised to kill him if the video receives five million views. Naturally, the macabre video goes viral, forcing secrets to the surface and putting his family through hell.

But what exactly is going on in Netflix’s Clickbait? Is it true that Nick Brewer led a double life? Who would kidnap the popular family man? And, moreover, how? But what is our most pressing question? Is Nick Brewer killed in Clickbait? And, if so, who kills him?

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The Episode Review

So Clickbait concludes with one final twist, confirming that the clickbait title should have been “catfish,” though to be fair, that may have given too much away.

The concept of a lonely wife committing a cybercrime that inadvertently caused a death that spiraled out of control is actually quite nice, but the execution has been so-so.

The constant revolving door of protagonists in each episode has been a major irritant, leaving many loose ends and unfinished character stories.

Clickbait Ending Explained

Were there any consequences for Ben breaking into Simon’s home? What became of Daryl and Simon in the end? What about Ethan and Alison? Do they have a relationship now? There are others, but these are the ones that come up by the end of the chapter.

Despite this, the actual mystery has been quite intriguing, and I must admit that the final twist caught me completely off guard.

I was expecting that reporter or at the very least Detective Amiri. However, it’s a nice addition, and this episode does a good job of explaining how everything connects.

 It’s just a shame that the first half of this show was so underwhelming.

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Despite these flaws, there’s enough to enjoy here, and the ending neatly wraps things up with a neat little bow. Is this the year’s best murder mystery? No. Is it worth watching? Sure, absolutely. There are some positives, and the last few episodes have been particularly good.

Clickbait Trailer

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