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Poker Face Episode 6 Release Date: Review, Spoilers, Trailer, Streaming Options

In the fifth episode of Pocker Face, we follow Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) as she investigates Gavin’s murder and eventually ends up in Mossy Oakes, an old folks’ home. Charlie befriends two of the seniors while working as a cleaner there: Irene (Judith Light) and Joyce (S. Epatha Merkerson).

Charlie feels desperate to find the murderer and suspects Irene and Joyce right away. Charlie puts Joyce and Irene to the test. Charlie is assaulted, and she gets poisoned. Luca approaches Charlie about joining the FBI, but he declines.

Fans are eager to learn about the next fresh episode after watching the episode. You can discover a summary and spoilers for Poker Face Season 1 Episode 6 at crossover99, which will help you understand the episode better.

When Will Poker Face Episode 6 Be Released?

Poker Face Episode 6 Release Date

Poker Face Episode 6 will air on Peacock on Tuesday, February 9, 2023, at 10/9c, and will be available to stream live and on-demand via Paramount+. YouTube Tv | VUDU | and Amazon Prime Video are also available.

Poker Face Episode 5: Recap

Joyce and Irene, two rebellious locals, watch as a man named Ben moves into the neighborhood. They immediately plot his death. Joyce gathers sodium nitrate to poison the man, while Irene fetches syringes. In a flashback to a week ago, Charlie is a cleaner at a retirement community.

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She makes friends with Irene and Joyce. They tell her how they spent decades as political prisoners. How they first met Gabriel, a man who transformed their lives forever. Ben is dropped off at Mossy Oaks by his nephew. Ben introduces himself as Gabriel to Irene and Joyce.

Poker Face Episode 6 Release Date

Irene and Joyce are arrested by the FBI, but they have a good alibi. Irene and Joyce are confronted by Charlie. They assault Charlie and attempt to poison her. Luca approaches Charlie about joining the FBI, but she declines. Charlie’s buggy is then blown up. She only manages to escape with her life.

Spoilers for Poker Face Episode 5

The upcoming episode named “Exit Stage Death” appears to be about a theatre. Cliff will be right on her tail in a matter of seconds. It surprised me that Charlie had not discussed her situation with Luca in private.

She might have been able to enter the witness protection program, or the agent might have given her some advice or a reference. She clearly believes that her adversaries would find her regardless of where she was, but she still considers that this was a missed opportunity.

Charlie will continue his itinerant existence in the future, working odd jobs and solving mysteries along the way. At this time, she does not appear to be in any danger; nonetheless, her interactions will quickly disclose her true nature.

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Where Can You Watch Poker Face Episode 6?

On the date above, anyone with a Peacock subscription can watch Poker Face Season 1 Episode 6 from anywhere in the world.


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