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Will There Be a Second Season of Love to Hate You? Confirm or Cancelled?


Love to Hate You is a South Korean Netflix original movie that was written and directed by Kim Jeong-Kwon. Choi Soo-young wrote the scripts for the movie. The series was also made by Bingo Works.

Love to Hate You, a Korean romantic comedy, came out on Netflix on February 10, and many people watched it right away to find out what it was about.

Since the show has been out for a while, most people have already seen the first season and are wondering if there will be a second one. You’ve come to the right place because we told you everything there is to know about a possible second season of Love to Hate You.

Will There Be a Second Season of Love to Hate You?

As of February 17, Netflix had not said if the Korean romantic comedy will have a second season. Since the show just came out, it will take Netflix a while to decide what to do with it. Most of the time, it takes about a month for the streaming giant to decide.

When Will Love to Hate You Season 2 Come Out?

Love to Hate You Season 2

The next season of the Series will have 10 episodes, and all of them will be on Netflix, according to the website The first episode will air on Friday, February 9, 2024.

Love to Hate You: What Is It About?

This comedy-romance show talks about many social issues, including the difference between men and women. The series’ main character is a strong woman, and the male lead is played by an actor.

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In this well-known “enemies-to-lovers” plot, the male lead goes after the female lead first. At the beginning of the book, the two main characters are bound by a contract, but as the story goes on, both of them change. The main woman character is also shown to be a strong fighter.

Watch the Korean drama Love to Hate You, which is about love and hate, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Yeo Mi-ran and Nam Kang-ho, who are both great actors, will play the main roles in Love to Hate You Season 2. Love to Hate You is a South Korean drama series that talks about things like gender inequality.

Who Will Appear in the Cast of Love to Hate You Season 2?

Love to Hate You Season 2

We already know that Yeo Mi-ran and Nam Kang-ho are played by two brilliant performers. We’ve seen a lot more individuals in the teaser, but we need to know what their roles are. Initially, Kim Ok-Bin introduced us to Yeo Mi-ran.

She is a lawyer with the ability to attack hard and fight anybody she wants. Yeo is well aware that there is a narrow line between love and hatred, but she is adamant that she will not cross it, no matter how difficult it is.

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Teo Yoo plays well-known actor Nam Kang-ho. Because he is an actor, he learns how to hide his feelings. Despite the fact that he enjoys being with Yeo, his troubled past continues to emerge. Do Won-jun, Shin, Na-Eun, and others are among the cast members.

Is There a Trailer for Love to Hate You Season 2?

Right now, the official trailer of Love to Hate You Season 2 is yet to be released. Until then, you can check the trailer for Season 1 below:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Love to Hate You Season 2 Confirmed?

No, it has not yet been confirmed. But it’s not canceled.

When Was Love to Hate You Season 1 Came Out?

Season 1 came out on February 10, 2023.

Who is the Main Character in the Love to Hate You Series?

This series is led by Yeo Mi-Ran and Nam Kang-Ho.

Where Can I Watch the Love to Hate You Series?

You could watch this series on Netflix while waiting for season 2!

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