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Overlord Season 5 Set to Release in Late 2023! Mark Your Calendars – The Supreme One Returns!


Since its debut in 2017, Overlord has enthralled viewers. The show has garnered a devoted following over the course of four successful seasons and is currently gaining steam for an intriguing fifth season. One question still lingers as fans eagerly await what comes next for their cherished series: will there be an Overlord Season 5?

Kugane Maruyama wrote the book Overlord, a dark fantasy, and so-bin did the illustrations. The anime series centers on Ainz Ooal Gown (formerly known as Momonga), who gets sucked into the world of the well-known online game YGGDRASIL when its servers crash. Momonga sets out to discover what has transpired by scouring the globe.

Can the fabled Ainz Ooal Gown ultimately succeed in his goal for dominance of the world of Yggdrasil? remains the unanswered question after four suspenseful seasons. Will anyone be able to stop it before he becomes unstoppable? We might never know in the absence of Overlord Season 5.

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When Overlord Season 5 Will Be Released?

There hasn’t yet been a formal announcement about Overlord Season 5. Despite popular rumors, the show’s creators have yet to make an official statement, leaving viewers to wonder what might be in store for them next.

overlord season 5

The season four finale of Overlord included the revelation of Renner’s Demon form. At Renner’s request, Climb also consents to swear allegiance to Ainz and spend all of eternity with her as a demon. Albedo commends Renner and confesses that she willingly gave Re-Estize to Ainz in exchange for immortality. Renner prepares to make Climb immortal before making love to him, showing her true, evil self. She is ecstatic that they may now be together forever.

As Albedo pays Phillip a visit, he displays the severed heads of Phillip’s friends. Next, according to Albedo, she starts torturing Phillip to death because his greed and folly devastated the entire Kingdom and he begged her to punish Phillip before he passed away. Meet Marquis Raeven and Ainz.

The story implies that Overlord Season 5 may exist, but it won’t be known for some time. Hopefully, Overlord Season 5 will reveal itself following the sequel film. The Overlord light book is still in progress as of January 2023, according to Anime Next Season. Kugane Maruyama, the author, has stated that volume 18 will mark the conclusion of the series.

overlord season 5

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Although nothing is clear as of yet, it is likely given that there is sufficient content for adaption until volume 18. As a result, we will have to continue to wait for information regarding Overlord Season 5. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this well-known fantasy anime will return! Disney+ Hostar is currently offering Overlord Seasons 1 through 4.

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