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Is James Kennedy Gay? Bringing ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fame’s Sexuality Into the Spotlight!


Is James Kennedy Gay? Since its first season in 2013, when it debuted on Bravo, the hit TV show “Vanderpump Rules” has been full of drama that has drawn in viewers from all over the world.

James Kennedy, one of the main characters, has caused a lot of trouble because people aren’t sure if he is gay or not. Even though there have been a lot of rumors, James has never said what his sexuality is.

Early Life and Career Beginning

James Kennedy, who makes music, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 24, 1992. Kennedy first became interested in music when he was about eight years old. With the help of his father, he began making music and mixing songs.

Is James Kennedy Gay

When he was 16, he started his own production company called Nappy Boy Productions and started working with major labels like Atlantic Records and Def Jam Recordings. In 2013, when James was 21, a rapper named Ace Hood put out a single that decided to make him well-known.

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Is James Kennedy Gay?

is james kennedy gay

No, James Kennedy is not gay. James Kennedy, a popular reality TV star, has been the subject of rumors suggesting that he is gay. However, these rumors are unfounded and baseless. People have mistaken him for being gay because of his close friendship with his gay best friend, Logan Noh.

Although the two are often seen together and have a strong bond, this does not mean that James Kennedy is gay. It is important not to make assumptions about someone’s sexuality based on their friendships or relationships.

Ultimately, it is up to James to identify his sexual orientation, and until he chooses to share that information, it is best not to speculate or make assumptions about it.

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Who Is James Kennedy Dating?

is james kennedy gay

James Kennedy Is Currently Dating Ally Lewber.

Going strong! Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy introduced his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, to Bravo fans during the season 10 premiere, and now everyone wants to know more about her.

In March 2022, while on a trip to Tulum, Mexico, the DJ shared photos of himself and his girlfriend that showed how much they loved each other.

The news of their new relationship came just three months after James broke up with Raquel Leviss, the woman he had been engaged to. From May to November of 2021, the Pump Rules stars were married. After five years together, they broke up.

Ally’s LinkedIn says that she writes about entertainment and works at the front desk of the Soho House in West Hollywood. In 2018, she got a degree in the study of the entertainment industry from Belmont University in Nashville.

She is from Springboro, Ohio, and has been on a reality show called The Valley that was made in the area.

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