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The Wait Is Over: Here is Night by the Sea Chapter 58 Release Date!


Night by the Sea Chapter 58 Release Date: It is a Korean manhwa that tells the story of Kim Euihyun, an omega who has given up everything due to his harsh life. He runs away with a child in his arms and meets Yeo Taejoo, an alpha who offers him money, a house, and a job in exchange for his body.

The manhwa is written by Euja and has been serialized on Naver Webtoon since 2019. It belongs to the genres of yaoi, drama, omegaverse, and slice of life. The manhwa has attracted many fans for its realistic portrayal of social issues, emotional conflicts, and steamy romance.

The latest chapter of Night by the Sea ended with a shocking twist, as Kim Euihyun discovered that Yeo Taejoo was actually his childhood friend who had betrayed him in the past. How will he react to this revelation? Will he forgive him or hate him more?

Fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter of Night by the Sea to see how their relationship will develop. Here is everything you need to know about Night by the Sea chapter 58 release date and where to read it online.

Night by the Sea Chapter 58 Release Date!

Chapter 58, the next one, should come out on April 2, 2023. This date could change, though, depending on how busy the author is or if something else comes up.

In Korea, you can read Night By the Sea Chapter 58 on Bomtoon, and people outside of Korea can read it in English on Lezhin Comics.

The manhwa was first published on Bomtoon. When the creators saw that it was popular all over the world, they thought that licensing it in English could be a good idea.

So we recommend that you only read manhwa on official websites, and if it hasn’t been licensed in English yet, you can wait until the news comes out.

Night by the Sea Chapter 58 Release Date

Most manhwa on Lezhin comics cost money to read, but the first chapter of Night By The Sea is currently free, so take advantage of this and start reading the manhwa as soon as you can.

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Chapter 58 of Night by the Sea will likely pick up where chapter 57 left off. We will see how Kim Euihyun handles his shock and anger when he finds out that Yeo Taejoo is really his old friend Lee Seungmin, who betrayed him and caused him a lot of pain.

We might also see how Yeo Taejoo will explain to Kim Euihyun what he did and why he hid his identity. Will he be able to show him that he loves him for real? Or will he never see him again?

We can also expect more flashbacks and reveals about their pasts and how they became enemies. Why do they hate each other so much? What happened between them? How did they get to live in different places?

To read more latest updates related to Night by the Sea, Stay tuned with Crossover99.

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