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Is Shantel VanSanten Pregnant? The American Actress Sparks Pregnancy Buzz on Social Media!


This article contains spoilers for the April 4 FBI crossover event.

As expected, the three-hour FBI crossover event had a lot of turns and twists. Even though the team was able to save New Yorkers from a bomb scare, Agent Nina Chase had to go to the hospital (Shantel VanSanten).

Nina was shot while helping the Fly Team break into a house in Italy where several terrorists were hiding. Since Nina is pregnant right now, the stakes were even higher than usual.

As the episode went on, people started talking about whether or not this was a case of art imitating life. In fact, some people thought that Shantel VanSanten might be pregnant in real life.

So, does Shantel have a baby? What we know is as follows.

Is Shantel VanSanten Pregnant?

is shantel vansanten pregnant

It is not confirmed whether Shantel VanSanten is pregnant or not. MediaMass recently reported that several tabloids have said that Shantel is pregnant right now. In fact, people say that the actress was seen on a dinner date with what looks like a baby bump.

But Shantel’s PR person hasn’t said whether or not the claims are true. Shantel’s representative told the outlet, “I don’t talk about her personal life.” Sad to say, this has only led to more rumors about Shantel’s supposed pregnancy.

It’s not very nice to say that Shantel is pregnant or that anyone else is pregnant. Shantel may want to tell people when she is ready if she is pregnant.

On the other hand, if she isn’t pregnant, it can make her feel bad about how she looks.

Since reliable sources haven’t spread the “pregnancy” news about Shantel, it’s better to not jump to the conclusion and just wait for official confirmation from Shantel herself.

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Nina Chase, Played by Shantel VanSanten, Is Currently Pregnant on “FBI”

is shantel vansanten pregnant

Oh, baby! Nina is not only pregnant, but she also almost died while on a mission.

In the crossover episode, Nina was taken to the hospital and treated right away for her injuries. At the beginning of the special, Nina’s health was not looking too good.

Nina’s partner, Detective Stuart Scola (John Boyd), went to Italy as soon as he heard about her condition. Nina’s condition eventually became stable, and the baby seems to be doing well.

“How do you feel?” Scola asked Nina.

She said, “I’ve been better.”

“Don’t forget the baby!” Scola spoke up. “How is he?”

Nina put Scola’s hand on her bump and said, “I think so.” “Felt him kicking.”

At the end of the scene, the two people said that they love each other.

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST, CBS shows a new episode of FBI.

Victor Webster Files for Divorce from Wife Shantel VanSanten

is shantel vansanten pregnant

The Hallmark couple got married thrice. The first one was a civil ceremony in August 2021. Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster, who were married for less than two years, are splitting up.

In court documents that sources got a hold of, the 50-year-old actor filed for divorce from the 37-year-old One Tree Hill star in January and said that they had split up on January 10.

The filing didn’t say why the couple was no longer together. Reps for VanSanten and Webster didn’t respond right away to a request for comment from the media.

In 2021, the couple got married three times. The first was a small, impromptu civil ceremony outside the Pasadena City Hall in California on August 9, which was also the date of her grandparents’ wedding according to Brides.

“My heart broke when my grandfather died unexpectedly on Father’s Day. I had planned for him to walk me down the aisle in Minnesota,” VanSanten told the outlet. “When I was sad, I looked at Victor and told him I wanted to have a civil ceremony on August 9, the day my grandparents got married.

is shantel vansanten pregnant

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“The thought of my grandparents being together again and watching over our ceremony from above gave me some peace,” she said. “They were married for 63 years, and their love was so unique and deep. They showed me that love is a choice and that it takes work. Even though things weren’t perfect, their love was always true.”

The second party was in October in Napa, California, and the third one was in her hometown of Luverne, Minnesota, so that her older family members could be there.

In February 2020, VanSanten and Webster said “I do.” Before that, they dated for four years after meeting on the set of the Hallmark movie Love Blossoms in 2017.

When Webster asked VanSanten to marry him, VanSanten told PEOPLE, “It was the best day of my life.” “I’m so excited to get married to my best friend.”

“Relationships aren’t easy—you have to fight for them and work at them,” the star of “For All Mankind,” said. “We’ve done that and put in the work, so we’re now comfortable. I’m happy that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

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