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Get Ready for Action: Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date and Spoilers!


Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date: Fans from all around the world are impatiently awaiting the publication of Chapter 20 of Jinx, which is one of the most well-liked anime series to have debuted in recent times.

Jinx has won the affection of millions of fans all over the world thanks to its one-of-a-kind narrative, interesting cast of characters, and breathtaking cinematography.

In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about the Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date, including what to anticipate from the next episode and other pertinent information.

Jinx Chapter 20 Quick Info!

Name Jinx
Chapter 20
Author Mingwa
Release Date April 22, 2023.
Where to Read

Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date

The 19th chapter of Jinx was the last one to come out on April 12, 2023. It was exciting to see Jin go up against his enemy Kang Min-woo, who also has the power to change luck.

The chapter ended on a cliffhanger when Kang told Jin what he really wanted and got ready for his final attack.

So, when can we look forward to the next Jinx chapter? Every month, Jinx gets new pages on Lezin Comics on the 2nd, 12th, and 22nd.

That means that chapter 20 of Jinx will come out on April 22, 2023. But it can change depending on how busy the author is. Stay in touch with crossover99 to find out all the latest news.

What is Jinx All About?

Kim Dan, a physical therapist, has experienced bad luck for as long as he can remember. Dan is absolutely out of alternatives because of his elderly grandmother, threatening loansharks, and a former supervisor who makes it nearly impossible for him to obtain work.

Naturally, it feels like a dream come true when he is eventually employed to treat highly-compensated MMA athlete Joo Jaekyung, especially when the patient then requests a treatment the night before a bout with the alluring prospect of $5,000.

 Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date

He claims to have a “jinx” that requires a specific kind of “therapy,” but Dan isn’t quite ready to provide it. Jaekyung is a beast in the ring, but in the bedroom, he’s even more brutal, and Dan isn’t sure he can endure Jaekyung at his most savage.

Jinx Chapter 20 Spoilers: What Will Happen Next?

When Hunter comes home, Yahya and Hunter are in the kitchen. Yahya and Hunter do a few rounds to make sure no one is watching, but they still have to think they’re winning. Hunter puts his hand around my waist, and his lips find the soft spot on my neck.

His breath tickles me, and he uses his palms to undo every button on my shirt. I turn around to meet his lips with all my strength, and we move as close as we can.

We make our kiss stronger, but our clothes still keep us apart. I reach for the waistband of his pants and mess with the button until it comes off. Hunter and Arianna have never been loved, so they are both broken.

Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, but she doesn’t expect to fall in love with a man who will always think of her as his second choice.

This book is recommended for people over 16 years old. The most important parts of this story are the two brutal guards who opened the door to the courtroom and the Jinns who appeared before the Queen.

The Jinns tell everyone that the Queen is pregnant and prove it with a haqiqatan (truth) spell. The Queen then shows that the Jinns have been lying to her for hundreds of years. Zunair, one of the people who watch over the door, grabs Marid by the collar and throws him across the floor.

The best servant of the Queen tells Marid that he is pregnant and that if he says anything else, he will be killed by the force of breaking a blood pact between the two Jinnaats. Marid begs the Queen to leave him alone, but the Queen’s anger is unfathomable, and he is now just a shadow of the man he used to be.

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Jinx Chapter 19 Recap!

In Jinx Chapter 19, We have watched him get ready for work to see how he’s adjusting to his new life as a doctor. His mind is in shambles after the skilled MMA fighter attacked him a few hours ago. Even so, he knows what the other man is planning. And he’ll be able to get away from the other guy.

Because he belongs to Jaekyung, they can never be too close to each other. In the days ahead, when things will be hard, he needs to keep his mind made up if he ever wants to be free of the chains that bind him. This is a comment that doesn’t fit into what BL is about.

The same author wrote both this book and the series of books about Manager Kim. Kim won’t have to worry about how his job would be affected if Jaekyung and he was seen at the gym together.

 Jinx Chapter 20 Release Date

On the other hand, the idea that he might have to go back to him and solve those problems can bring him down. As the story goes on, Kim Dan’s thoughts and life get more and more messed up.

Kim finally understood what the MMA fighter meant when he said that he eats him for breakfast. Jaekyung felt better when she saw how submissive Kim was, which brought back what little hope she had. Kim suddenly saw that all of this kindness is for Jaeyung’s own good.

Where to Read Jinx Chapter 20 Online?

On ManhuaScan, a site that lets you read manga online for free, you can find chapter 18 of Jinx. But this might not be the official place to read the webtoon, so you might want to read it on Naver Webtoon instead to support the author.

Jinx is an interesting manhwa with a unique plot and likable characters that have drawn people in. Visit if you want to read this interesting manhwa. This website is a great place for people who like manga because it has a lot of different kinds of manga.

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