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Finally! Night by the Sea Chapter 61 Release Date Has Been Revealed!


Night by the Sea Chapter 61 Release Date: The Korean manga Night by the Sea is in the Yaoi, drama, omegaverse, and slice of lifestyles. It was written by Euja, and 59 parts have been translated so far.

The story is about two men, Seung-ha, an alpha who runs a small cafe, and Jae-hyun, an omega who works as a delivery boy. They meet by chance in a beach town.

They form a bond that goes beyond their secondary genders, but their relationship isn’t easy and they keep secrets from each other.

In this article, we will discuss Night by the Sea Chapter 61 Release Date, Spoilers and where to read. Scroll down and read the full article.

Night by the Sea Chapter 61 Release Date: Where to Read?

It is anticipated that Night by the Sea chapter 61 will be made available to readers on April 26th, 2023. You can read Night by the Sea Manga Chapter 61 on a number of online apps and websites. You can try reading Payback, a fantastic romantic series.

One common choice is the official website for the manga, which is published in English by Mangajar. You can sign up for a service that lets you read new parts as they come out.

Vyvymanga is another common choice. It is a free online platform with a large number of manga titles, including Night by the Sea. The most recent parts are free to read, but they may only be available for a short time.

Do you know what happens in the previous chapter? Let’s take a look at the recap here. Kim Euihyun finally gets to talk to the person who left Kim Euiyoung behind.

He appreciates everything Kim Euihyun has done for Kim Euiyoung so far. Yeo Taeju goes crazy when he hears this, so he asks the man who he is and who he wants to take.

Night by the Sea Chapter 61 Release Date

He tells Kim Euihyun that he has taken care of Kim Euiyoung enough and doesn’t need to do so anymore. Since this man started making money, he would take care of Kim Euiyoung’s needs.
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Kim Euihyun would no longer have to worry and would be free to live his life.

He then talks about Kim Euihyun’s situation right now. He asks him if he can take care of Kim Euiyoung and all of his needs in the way he lives now.
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After telling Kim Euihyun how to reach him, the man goes.

Yeo Taeju kept asking Kim Euihyun if he was going to give Kim Euiyoung away. This made Yeo Taeju very angry. Kim Euihyun, who was already lost in his own thoughts, told Yeo Taeju to leave because he didn’t care about his position.

As of the time of this writing, the official site did not release any spoilers for the Night by the Sea Chapter 61.
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But whenever it will be available we will update this page.

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