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What Happened to the Enterprise-E in Star Trek Picard Season 3?


What Happened to the Enterprise-e in Star Trek Picard Season 3? This story gives away some details about the new Star Trek: Picard season 3 episode.

The Enterprise-E is one of the more controversial Star Trek starships. It was first seen in the TNG movies, and many fans love its sleek design, while others wish it looked more like the Enterprise-D from TNG.

In either case, the ship has an interesting past. Even so, that part of history seems to be over, but what happened to Enterprise-E?

What Happened to the Enterprise-E?

It seems likely that the Enterprise-E went down while Worf was in charge. This was shown in the ninth episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s third season, when the TNG group went to the Starfleet museum.

Geordi says, “Obviously, we can’t use the Enterprise-E,” implying that the ship is broken. Worf then says, “That was not my fault.”

We know from the official Star Trek books that Worf was made Captain and led the Enterprise-E for a while.

What Happened to the Enterprise-E

From what he says in the new episode, it sounds like the Enterprise-E was destroyed either in battle (which would be very Worf) or by some other accident while he was in charge.

Even though that’s the best guess we have right now, we should hear more about what happened to Enterprise-E soon.

What happened to the Enterprise-E after the Star Trek: Nemesis movie?

In Star Trek: Prodigy, the Enterprise-E is under attack. @startreklogs doesn’t say much more about the Sovereign Class USS Enterprise-E than that its final task is “classified.” After Jean-Luc Picard was promoted to Admiral, he left the Enterprise to lead the escape of Romulus when their sun went supernova.

But @startreklogs doesn’t say who took over for Picard as Captain of the Enterprise-E before it was shut down. After Star Trek: Nemesis, all we know about the Enterprise-E is that it was part of the Starfleet fleet that went after the stolen USS Protostar in the last episode of Star Trek: Prodigy.

When the Living Construct was turned on, it turned the armada against itself. The universal translators stopped working, and the Starfleet ships started shooting at each other. During the battle, the Enterprise-E from the movie is barely seen, and the NC-1701-E number can be seen on the nacelles.

The Enterprise-E wasn’t totally destroyed when the crew of the Protostar saved the day, even though it was badly damaged. This means that Enterprise-E’s secret final mission happens after the events of Prodigy and could be a big part of Star Trek: Picard season 3.

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