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When to Expect Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Release Date? Know Here!


Chapter 133 of Mercenary Enrollment is the chapter that everyone is anticipating. The final was a farewell between the two rivals. Fans are curious about the full circumstances surrounding the assault on the guests.

The primary antagonists of the adventure have yet to be named. However, it appears that the new leader will be someone who operates in the background. So, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about the new chapter.

Fans will be able to pick up on Ijin and Jiyeh’s encounter in the following chapter. The two will discuss the entire SW organization’s security measures. Consequently, the identities of numerous spies and traitors will emerge from these conversations.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Quick Info!

Name Mercenary Enrollment
Chapter 133
Author YC
Release Date April 23, 2023
Where to Read Naver


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Publication Date!

No mention has been made of any delay in the issuance of the new one. The next chapter will be released in two days, at the time of this writing. Chapter 133 of Mercenary Enrollment will be published on April 23, 2023.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Recap!

In Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132, It begins with the new mysterious guy and Yu Ijin, where we see that it picks up where the previous chapter left off, where we see that this new guy challenges Yu Ijin to a hunt to determine who is the stronger predator, after a great deal of observation and analysis.

Later in the chapter, during their battle, we see that Yu Ijin hits him with a sharp blade, first on his hand and then on his face, and that he then holds his fist and kicks him in the stomach.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Release Date

After receiving so many blows from Yu Ijin, this individual finds it extremely hard to believe that a youthful man can be superior to him in close combat.

Even in that hellish forest, where he was recognized by others and engaged in numerous actual battles, he believes it is impossible that he is now being driven back so unilaterally.

As a few blows were insufficient for Yu Ijin to demonstrate his superiority, he advanced, seized both of his arms and punched him in the face, resulting in a single fatal blow.

While they are still battling, both parties hear a police siren, prompting this newcomer to flee and tell Yu Ijin that they will meet again soon. The scene shifts to the individual Yu Ijin met in the previous chapter, for whom he was, in fact, providing assistance.

We see them in a cafe, where the man thanks Ijin and expresses regret that he was unable to adequately thank him for the day before due to the circumstances, to which Ijin replies that he only did what was necessary.

Initially, the fellow believed Ijin was merely a responsible individual. After hearing that tale, he realizes the gravity of those words; the traitorous bodyguard appears to have recently engaged in some form of gambling.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Spoilers!

The siblings’ vacation turned out to be a success overall. These two had finally arrived to strike a bargain. However, the time had come to introduce safety into their lives.

Chapter 133 of Mercenary Enlistment will begin with another investigation. There would first be a conversation between Ijin and Jiyeh. The lady is to settle him down and discuss the company’s future with him.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 Release Date

All of them were concerned about the assault on two of the academy’s most distinguished visitors. Consequently, they will launch a new investigation to determine what the situation’s underlying cause is. It will be intriguing to see what the remaining revelations are at the conclusion!

Where to Read Chapter 133 of Mercenary Enrollment?

You can read the forthcoming Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 133 and the previous chapter of the series on WebToon with the official English translation, and on Naver with the original unedited format. You should also try Lookism, a thrilling and adventures Manga.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mercenary Enrollment Completed? 

No, Mercenary Enrollment is still going on. As of April 2021, there were 109 groups. The manga is changed every week on different websites.

Is Mercenary Enrollment Based on a True Story?

No, Mercenary Enrollment is not based on real events or problems. Instead, it is a work of fiction that was inspired by things like child soldiers, terrorists, and corruption. The author has said that he did a lot of study on these topics to make the manga’s setting seem real and interesting.

Is Mercenary Enrollment Getting an Anime Adaptation? 

As of right now, there is no official proof or announcement that Mercenary Enrollment will be made into an anime. Some fans, however, have said that they hope and expect an anime version of the manga because of how famous and good it is.

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