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Will There Be a Dead Ringers Season 2?


Will There Be a Dead Ringers Season 2? This week, a remake of the 1980s movie Dead Ringers will come out on Amazon Prime Video. In the same-named psychological drama show, famous actor Rachel Weisz will play twins.

The show is actually a remake of Jeremy Irons’s role in a David Cronenberg movie from 1988. So far, the new series has gotten mostly good reviews, which makes me wonder: will Dead Ringers be back for Season 2?

Will There Be a Second Season of Dead Ringers?

As of this writing, it doesn’t look like there will be a second season of Dead Ringers since the show is a “Limited Series.” But Amazon hasn’t said anything about a possible repeat, and a second season isn’t necessarily out of the question.

Whether or not the show is brought back depends on how popular it is. Other Limited Series, like Netflix’s Squid Game, were given a second chance once people started watching, even though they were only supposed to run for one season at first.

The show currently has an 82% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which shows that people could be interested in it. Critics may like the show, but Dead Ringers may be too artsy and gory to really connect with a bigger audience.

This makes it less likely that the show will become a mass phenomenon. The show is sure about what it wants to say, but it isn’t as sure about where it wants to go and how to back up that choice.

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The finish has three or four different ways to go. It is a mess of confusing techniques, false leads, and beats that are meant to be scary or gross out the audience. It doesn’t take away from some of the bigger ideas in the second-to-last episode, but it definitely overpowers them.

Dead Ringers Season 2

The ending is almost too good to watch because you won’t want to look away from Weisz. The visual effects that let the Oscar-winning actress play two roles are smooth, and so are her changes between roles.

Weisz keeps both characters’ independence just as much as the show wants her to, which is helped by the fact that Beverly spends 90% of the series with her hair up and Elliot with her hair down.

As Elliot, she has a lot of crazy energy and a crackling sense of dark humor. Beverly has a lot of longing that she keeps to herself, which can be painful to watch. And when does one person’s traits start to look like those of the other? Well, you might want to watch Dead Ringers just to see how the actors act.

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