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Who is Angel Dixon? Instagram, Age, Personal Life and Much More!


Do you know Who is Angel Dixon? If you have heard the name Noah Thompson, then you are familiar with this name too.

In this article, we will discuss Who is Angel Dixon? Her Personal Life, Age, Social Media, and much more.

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Angel Dixon Quick Info!

Name Angel Dixon
Relationship Status Girlfriend of Noah Thompson
Occupation Unknown
Children One son, Walker Thompson
Date of Birth April 22, 2001
Age 22 years old
Nationality: American

Who is Angel Dixon?

Angel Dixon is a 22-year-old social media influencer from Kentucky. She is best known as Noah Thompson’s baby momma and longtime lover. American singer-songwriter Noah Thompson won the 20th season of American Idol.

During the show, Noah talked a lot about his city, Louisa, his grandmother, his son, Walker, and Angel, who is Walker’s mother. Angel and Walker contributed to his success on the show because they were often on it.

Who is Angel Dixon

During the race, she used her Instagram account to get more votes for Noah, which was also a big part of why he won.

Angel Dixon Early Life: Childhood and Family!

Angel Dixon has lived for 22 years. The social media star was born in Louisa, Kentucky, on April 22, 2001. She is the daughter of her father, Greg Fuggit, and her mother, Sharon Workman. Angel’s parents are White Americans from the U.S. city of Louisa in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

Greg Fuggit, her dad, is a cop in Lawrence County. He went to the EKU Department of Criminal Justice Police Academy and was in Class 290 of the Class of 2000. Her mom, Sharon Workman, used to work at Walmart as a cashier, but no one knows what she does now.

Angel has brothers on both sides of her family. Keisha Huff, Latanna Fuggit, and Greg Fuggit are her three brothers from her father’s other relationship. While her mother is in a relationship right now, she only has one sister, Lexie Workman, from that connection. She has four step-brothers and sisters in all.

Despite the fact that Angel is said to live in Blaine, Kentucky, it is thought that she grew up in Louisa, Kentucky. It is not clear, though, on which side of her parents’ family she spent her early childhood. Still, she grew up with family, and everyone on both sides of her family loved her.

Angel Dixon Instagram Account!

As of the month of April 2023, She has 17k people following him on Instagram. During the campaign, she utilized Instagram to garner more votes for Noah Journey in American Idol, which contributed significantly to his victory. She posted her son’s picture most of the time on Instagram.

Who is Angel Dixon Dating?

Noah Thompson is dating Angel Dixon at the moment. Since 2018, they have been together, which is a long time. They started dating when they were in high school and fell in love.

Noah And angle have a child, Walker lee Thompson Says (Source). His date of birth is not disclosed yet. it was believed that he was born in the month of may 2021.

Who is Angel Dixon

Where is Angel Dixon Now?

Angel Dixon lives in Blaine, Kentucky, at the moment. No one knows what she is interested in right now, but she has been seen selling things on her personal Facebook page. On her Facebook page, there is no list of jobs she may have had in the past.

Some sources say that Angel Dixon used to work at Kimbers Country Market as a salesman. After her time with them, she went on to start a business with some great goods so she could follow her dreams. Some people say that she became well-known by selling fat-burning coffee, which helped her lose weight.

No matter what, Angel was taking care of her 22-year-old son Walker Lee Thompson at the time this article was written. Noah Thompson, the father of her son, wants to move to Nashville to focus on his music business. It is still unclear if they will get married and become one family.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Angel Dixon and Noah Thompson Married?

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon are not married. They’re just dating, but they already have a child together.

Did Angel Dixon and Noah Thompson Break Up?

Since March 2023, there have been reports that they are breaking up, but neither of them has said anything about it. Some of their fans noticed that they stopped following each other on Instagram and they deleted some pictures of them together. They still have photos of their son on their pages, though.

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