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What Happened To Funny Mike? Is The YouTuber In Jail? Let’s Find Out


Funny Mike the famous YouTuber has been trending and fans of the YouTuber are curious to find out why. This article aims to cover everything to know about Funny Mike.

Who Is Funny Mike?

what happened to funny mike

MacArthur Johnson also known as Funny Mike was born on October 8, 1996, and he has become a prominent figure online through his humor and tireless efforts. Mike Funny has two YouTube channels one of the channels was created for his family while the latter is for himself. His YouTube Channel have also gained many followers and his brand is built on an innate sense of humor and commitment.

Mike Funny dedication and craft have pushed him to stardom. He also remains a prominent figure on the internet and worldwide.

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What Happened To Mike Funny?

what happened to funny mike

Mike Funny started trending when a murder case he was arrested for in 2016 began resurfacing online. According to reports Mike Funny and two others fought with a man named Richard Phillips outside a supermarket in Baker Louisiana. Mike Funny allegedly shot him in the chest. The reason for their altercation was not disclosed.

The event has been trending leading to discussions and curiosity among fans and followers. The situation is still not clear and it is still developing. The news has however stirred different reactions online and a significant amount of attention.

Funny Mike Arrested 

What happened to Funny Mike

Funny Mike and two other passengers in the car were arrested and were charged with second-degree murder, illegal use of a weapon, and obstruction of justice. But reports suggest Funny Mike is no longer in jail and he has been seen active on his social media pages.

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Was Funny Mike Charged With Murder?

what happened to funny mike

Funny Mike and his friends were involved in a shooting that ended the life of Richard Phillips. According to reports Richard Philips was distributing party flyers when he came across the trio. What resulted in the shooting was not specified but Mike and his friends were charged with second-degree murder.

The event received widespread attention because of Funny Mike’s fame and popularity as a Youtuber and comedian. Mike Funny’s bond was set at $370,000 and he was released. There has also been no update or news concerning the incident since it happened according to Genius Celeb. Mike has also been active on Instagram since the bond.

Who Is Funny Mike Currently In A Relationship With?

Funny Mike is currently in a relationship with famous YouTuber and Instagram star Jaliyah Monet. Jaliyah and Funny Mike run their YouTube channel FunnyMike&Jaliyah together where they post funny videos. The couple has been in a romantic relationship since 2017 and is blessed with a lovely daughter Londyn.

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