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Is Julianne Hough Gay? What Is the Sexual Orientation of American Actress and Dancer?


Julianne Hough married former NHL player Brooks Laich on July 8, 2017. In May 2020, the Safe Haven actress announced that she and Laich had broken up. Many fans thought it was because she had been more open about her sexuality in recent years.

Just five months later, though, Hough hinted that she and Laich were back together when she posted a shot of herself with Laich’s dog on Instagram in early October.

And on November 2, Julianne Hough filed for divorce from Brooks Laich, even though they had only been apart for six months. This surprised some people since it seemed like they were about to get back together.

People are more interested in her personal life because she hasn’t been in a public relationship for a long time. Let’s find out if Julianne Hough is gay or not.

Is Julianne Hough Gay?

is julianne hough gay

Julianne Hough is openly queer. The actress and dancer told Women’s Health magazine about the conversation she had with her ex-husband she said: “I told him, ‘You know I’m not straight, right?'” So he said, “I’m sorry, what?” I was like, ‘I’m not. I choose to be with you, though.”

Julianne said, “I feel safe with my husband now that I’m letting all of this out, and I’m not afraid to say things I’ve been afraid to say or felt shame or guilt about because of what I was told or how I was raised.”

After Julianne made her news public, her ex-husband, an NHL player, went on Instagram to praise her candid new cover. He wrote in the caption of a picture of her cover shoot, “So proud of my wife @juleshough for the woman she is and for having the courage to share her journey of ups and downs.

” “You can find out more about it below, and you can join the cause she’s making around personal growth and change! Love you a lot, honey!”

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Julianne Hough Dating History

Get it, girl! Julianne Hough has a short and sweet list of people she’s dated. She has had some strange relationships over the years, with people like her ex-husband Brooks Laich, Ryan Seacrest, and performer Dane Cook.

Zack Wilson

The two dancers have known each other since they were kids, but they didn’t start dating until 2005. They were engaged for a short time, but they broke up in 2007.

Chuck Wicks

is julianne hough gay

During season 8 of Dancing With the Stars, Julianne’s partner was a country musician. Even though they were voted off in week 8, the person who sang “Hold That Thought” went home with a bigger prize. From August 2008 to November 2009, they were together.

Dane Cook

is julianne hough gay

A few times in 2010, photos were taken of the comedian and the Burlesque star making out.

Ryan Seacrest

is julianne hough gay

When Julianne was still with country singer Chuck, the former host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” tried to get her attention.

She told Glamour in 2012, “At the time, I was dating Chuck Wicks, whom I met on Dancing With the Stars.” “When we were dating, Ryan invited us to be on his radio show. When I listen to the conversation on YouTube, I blush because Ryan is hitting on me the whole time.

Ryan said something like, “You guys are really something!” at the end. “He’s so full of crap right now,” I thought to myself. They went public with their romance in April 2010, and they broke up in March 2013.

Julianne, who was named cohost of DWTS’s 32nd season in March 2023, talked about how her relationship with Ryan changed her world, in part because of their age difference and different life experiences.

“When I was 21, I actually ended up dating your former host Ryan Seacrest,” Julianne said on The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 20, 2023. “So, we went out on a date, and he likes wine a lot. He has wineries in both Napa and Italy.” The two-time Mirrorball winner was raised in the LDS Church, where drinking was forbidden.

“He taught me about wine. And what’s so interesting is that I didn’t drink as a kid because I was LDS, so I always thought of it as a way to party and get drunk. But this taught me a lot,” she said.

During their time together, Julianne also got to enjoy Ryan’s high-class life. During a 2020 Instagram Live, she talked about life after her breakup: “It was 2013, and I had just ended a very public relationship. My life was very different from where I grew up. I was on private planes and boats and lived in a very, very rich house.

She then said that she wanted to work for those things herself. “I wanted to make that for myself because I felt like I didn’t deserve it.”
Ryan said on his national radio show in 2022, “We’ve been friends for years and still are.” This shows that there is no bad blood between the two.

Ari Sandel

is julianne hough gay

In 2013, Julianne kissed and hugged the Duff director on a date at the popular Los Angeles restaurant Nobu. It didn’t seem like much else happened after that.

Brooks Laich

is julianne hough gay

In 2017, she got married to a hockey player she met on Dancing with the Stars. They told everyone in May 2020 that they were breaking up after reports had been going around for months. She asked for a divorce in November 2020.

“We have carefully and lovingly taken the time we needed to come to the decision to separate,” their joint statement said at the time. It also said that they “love and respect each other a great deal.”

A source told that the beautiful couple just “grew into different people” over the years. “They’ve had so many ups and downs, but they’ve also dealt with them in very different ways.”

Charlie Wilson

is julianne hough gay

In November 2021, when the dancer was out and about in Los Angeles, she was seen kissing male model Charlie Wilson. She hasn’t said anything about the steamy photos, so only time will tell how things go between the two.

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Ben Barnes

is julianne hough gay

Before they started dating, Julianne and the London-born actor were friends for a long time. In August 2022, a source told Life & Style, “Their friendship has turned into a full-blown romance.”

“They’ve been dating for two months, and he’s been flying from Los Angeles to New York to be with her. When they’re not together, they talk every day on FaceTime, and they’re so cute when they’re together. The friendship is so easy, and Julianne can just be herself around him. She’s never been happier.”

Even though they went on many dates together, their relationship seemed to end before the end of the year.

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