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Vroom Vroom! All You Need to Know About the MF Ghost Anime Release Date!


Initial D: MF Ghost, the next generation, is set to come out in 2023. Now, the best anime about drift racing will be back with a new plot and better animation.

The anime takes place years after the story of Initial D. The combustion engine is going away because electric cars that drive themselves are becoming the standard.

A group of people who want to remember the good old days make a race called MFG. They compete with a rare car that runs on solid fuel.

In MF Ghost, race is allowed, which is different from the first movie. But that doesn’t make the race seem boring. When they race each other on the street, we can still see how tense it is.

Even though it’s newer than Initial D, can it beat the fame of the game that came before it?

Here’s what we’ve found out so far.

MF Ghost Anime Release Date

mf ghost anime release date

It is estimated that MF Ghost will premiere in the summer of 2023. The first news about the MF Ghost anime came out on January 4, 2022. At the same time, they put out the first PV and visual peek, which said that the anime would start sometime in 2023.

After four months, they put out the second PV, the designs for the two main characters, and the staff. The number of cars shown in the PV is the main difference.

For the record, the car’s real sound is used in the anime. The official Twitter account shared a picture of eight sports cars worth a total of 200 million yen ($1.4 million USD) lined up for audio recording.

The third PV finally came out on January 4, 2023. It shows all of the key characters and tells the story behind them in the PV. Now that we know everything about how the translation works, we can expect that the anime is almost done.

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MF Ghost Trailer

On January 4, 2023, the third PV came out. It has better 3D animation than the game that came before it, Initial D. The famous drift scene of Takumi Fujiwara from the movie “Initial D” is also shown in the first scene.

At the same time that the third PV came out, the full group was also shown. Those are:

  • Uchida Yuuma as Katagiri Kanata (Kanata Rivington)
  • Sakura Ayane as Saionji Ren
  • Ono Daisuke as Aiba Shun
  • Hatanaka Tasuku as Ogata
  • Kamiya Hiroshi as Beckenbauer Michael
  • Namikawa Daisuke as Ooishi Daigo
  • Suwabe Junichi as Akaba Kaito
  • Yasumoto Hiroki as Ishigami Fuujin

A lot of the people from Initial D will be in the anime. Tomohito Naka, who directed “New Initial D: Legend,” will return to direct the series, and Yamashita Kenichi will be in charge of the series’ music.

Mima Masafumi, who worked on Initial D: First-Final Stage, will be in charge of the sound, and Dobashi Akio, who worked on New Initial D: Legend, will be in charge of the music.

The anime will be made by the company Felix Film. Even though it hasn’t been ten years yet, if they hire the right person, the show should do better when it comes out.

MF Ghost Story

mf ghost anime release date

In the year 202X, electric cars that drive themselves will be the rule. Cars with internal combustion engines will almost be extinct in Japan.

In the past 10 years, the number of road deaths has gone down by an amazing 87%. Cars that run on fossil fuels are being taken off the roads of developed countries at an amazing rate. Now, they’re almost like a rare animal.

In Japan, a new racing event is being set up as a sort of eulogy for these cars, which are becoming rarer and rarer. Streamed all over the world on the internet, its fame is going through the roof. It is called MFG.

The story is about a Japanese-English driver named Kanata Livington, who is 19 years old. After finishing at a top racing school in the UK, he moves to Japan. While he is living in Japan, he has two goals: the first is to join MFG, and the second is to look for his lost father.

To reach his second goal, he goes to MFG using the last name of his father, Katagiri and takes a Toyota GT86 from Ogata, a family friend who lives with Kanata.

Even though his car has a huge edge, he gets into the top 15 in his first race, which shows how good he is.

It turns out that the famous downhill runner Takumi Fujiwara is his teacher back in the UK. Senior MFG workers and past racers have noticed him since his first race. Now, a new wind is blowing over the next generation of MFG.

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MF Ghost News

mf ghost anime release date

Shuichi Shigeno came up with MF Ghost. Since September 2017, each episode has been published in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. The whole chapter is put together in sixteen volumes of manga, the most recent of which came out on February 6, 2023.

Kodansha USA and Comixology both put out the English version of the comic, but they only do so in digital form. The digital versions of the first through tenth manga came out all at once on January 11, 2022.

As of January 2023, over 4 million copies of the comic had been sold around the world. It’s not surprising, since the show is basically a continuation of the famous racing manga Initial D.

In October 2018, the author of MF Ghost said that the story was already 1/5 of the way through. At that time, the third manga had been out for a month.

Now that there are 15 chapters, we can assume that the manga will end soon. If Shuichi-sensei thinks it’s a good idea, we could have a bigger story than he originally planned.

As a matter of fact, the entire prequel, Initial D, is turned into a anime that runs from 1998 to 2014. With that kind of track record, we can be sure that MF Ghost will be the best car racing anime for years to come, just like its predecessor.

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