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Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date: A New Challenge for Nasa and Tsukasa!


Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date: In the forthcoming chapters, Tsukasa and Himari will invite Nasa and Asimo out on a double date. So much morality has already permeated the manga, and we anticipate even more! The manga is currently on a one-month hiatus; the precise release date and time can be found in the article.

Those who doubt Himari’s closeness to Nasa will also receive a definitive answer regarding her love interest; however, we will have to wait a while, as the exact release date and time can be found in the article. If you are a fan of the popular Japanese manga series Tonikaku Kawaii, you are likely avidly anticipating the release of chapter 236.

Since its inception, this romantic comedy series has acquired immense popularity, and fans are always eager to learn when the next chapter will be published. This article will cover everything you need to know about the publication date of Tonikaku Kawaii chapter 236 Release Date.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date!

Chapter 236 of Tonikaku Kawaii will be released on Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 12:00 AM JST. You can only find Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 in English online at Viz.

Tonikaku Kawaii doesn’t have any other public release websites yet, but you can buy it in print from Amazon and Bookwalker. Keep an eye out for sales! If you enjoy this romance and Thrill manhwa, you may also enjoy Payback.

If you did not read Chapter 235, you can have a glimpse of Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 235 Recap here:

Himari goes to see where her father is buried, and as she does, she thinks about her past. Himari was very young when her father died, so she doesn’t remember much about him.

Even though she was still young when he died, she doesn’t remember much about his face. But this bad thing has taught Himari one thing: that life is short.

Tonikaku Kawaii Chapter 236 Release Date

Himari looks at Asimo and shakes her head as she tries to start a conversation with him by bringing up their entrance test.
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Himari asks Asimo if he’s going to Utokyo, but she does so with a very angry face. Even though Asimo says yes, he still feels like he’s doing something wrong.
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Asimo asks Himari if it would be a bad idea for him to move to Utokyo.

Himari says that it would be hard for her to stay with him if he moved to Utokyo, which surprises Asimo. Himari asks Asimo if there are any other colleges close to Utokyo. Asimo suggests Gakushuin, but getting into that one is still hard.

Himari understands there’s nothing she can do about it, so she tells Asimo that their time at school is almost over, which is kind of sad.

Asimo asks her why she thinks that, and she says it’s because she won’t be able to wear a cute outfit after school is over. She also asks Asimo if he wants to look while she pulls up her skirt, which makes Asimo feel even more embarrassed, so he says no.

Himari gives him one more chance, but Asimo still says no. So, Himari gets serious and tells Asimo to always remember one thing: that being young doesn’t last forever. She thinks about how great it would be if they could always be as young as they are now.
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The story now focuses on Tsukasa, who is thinking about her ability and how Nasa told her that if she used it for evil, she could even take over the whole world.

When Aya comes up to her, she thinks too much about how she felt when she first got this power. Tsukasa asks her why she’s here, and Aya says that she thought Tsukasa was too serious, so she came to find out what’s going on.

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