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AKA Ending Explained: The Ultimate Guide to the Movie’s Plot and Characters!


AKA Ending Explained: AKA is a brand-new, emotionally-driven, action-packed French criminal drama film that premiered exclusively on Netflix on Friday, April 28, 2023. Morgan S. Dalibert and Alban Lenoir wrote the screenplay for the film, with Dalibert also serving as the director.

The plot of the Netflix film centered on a highly skilled special ops agent and his endeavor to complete a high-profile mission, which led to a series of unexpected events.

In the French film, Alban Lenoir played the leading role of Adam Franco. Eric Cantona, Thibault de Montalembert, Vincent Heneine, Sveva Alviti, Noé Shabbat, Sadou Camara, Philippe Résimont, and Nathalie Odzierejko also played supporting roles in AKA.

Since its release on Netflix, the French drama has received a great deal of positive audience feedback. Audiences adore the film’s captivating plot, lead actor Alban Lenoir’s riveting performance, and the film’s electrifying conclusion.

In this article, we will discuss the complete ending explanation of AKA. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

What is The Plotline of AKA? 

Adam Franco (Alban Lenoir) is definitely a man who gets things done. In the first scene, he goes into a secret place in Libya that is owned by a terrorist group there. At first, it looked like he was there to save the journalist Sonia Gautier, who was being held as a hostage. However, after killing all the guys, Adam also killed Sonia. We’ll get a better idea of why as we go through this piece.

After that scene, AKA’s story goes to Paris, where things start to make sense. Senator Marconnet and his head of intelligence, Kruger, has a mission: they need to kill Al Tayeb, who is said to be a terrorist who is planning dangerous operations in France.

No one knows where Al Tayeb is, but it looks like the gangster Victor Pastore is keeping an eye on him. So Kruger tells one of his men, Adam Franco, to join Pastore’s gang and spy on them.

As the story of AKA goes on, we learn more about Adam Franco. When he was 15, he was all over the news because he killed a minister who was also a child molester. Adam, the brother of one of the minister’s victims, was one of the people he hurt.

AKA Ending Explained

The cops shot him five times, but he lived. In a flashback, we learn that Kruger chose to train him as one of his agents after what he did. That will make Adam Franco his best man. For years, Adam Franco has been in charge of the most dangerous missions. Because of this, Kruger picked him to join Pastore’s gang.

We learn some other things once Adam starts working for Pastore. Amet is Pastore’s enemy, and he wants to sell drugs in his area. Natalya, who is his wife, runs a bar and is unhappy with her life.

She wants to leave, so she sneaks to Amet and tells him that Pastore’s men are going to rob a bank. She plans to get some money and run away with her son Jonathan. We also find Pee Wee among Pastore’s men. We will find out later that he is Al Tayeb’s cousin and that he is the link between Pastore and Al Tayeb.

Adam Franco gets close to Pee Wee and Jonathan. About the second one, we can probably figure out why: he’s an unwanted boy who gets picked on at school, and no one stands up for him. Adam probably thinks of his dead brother when he sees the boy, and that’s what makes the link.

In the story of AKA, this is what happens to Adam and Amet at some point: Amet fails in his attempt to steal the money from the bank robbery, so he takes Jonathan hostage. Adam is on his mission, but he can’t ignore that, so he chooses to break into Amet’s house and kill him to save Jonathan. It’s just because of how close he is to the little kid.

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AKA Ending Explained: Where Did Helene and Jonathan End Up at the End?

The story of a cruel special ops man named Adam Franco was told in Netflix’s new French movie AKA. It showed Franco getting close to Jonathan Pastor (Noé Chabbat), the son of crime boss Victor Pastor, while on a mission to kill Moktar Al Tayeb, who was thought to be a terrorist. Moktar was very close to the group of criminals led by Victor Pastor.

So, Adam’s first mission task was to join Pastor’s group. During the task, Adam won the trust of Jonathan, Victor’s son, and became his bodyguard. Soon after he met Jonathan, Adam started to see a nicer and more caring side of himself, and he and Jonathan became very close.

At the end of the Netflix movie, Cisko and Mona, who were part of Adam’s support team, found a key conversation between Victor and Moktar. The two were overheard talking about something that had to be done the very next day. So, Adam’s main job was to find out what this whole plan was about.

Adam found Moktar and Assan, Moktar’s cousin, and put a gun to their heads. He asked them to tell him everything they knew about the important plan.

He was shocked to find out that the operation they were talking about was just a medical treatment that was going to be done on Moktar’s daughter. The girl was severely hurt when she was attacked in a hotel, and the operation was a success.

AKA Ending Explained

Adam put a gun to Moktar’s head and he asked for one last wish. The wish was to say goodbye to his daughter for the last time. The special operations team then set up a trap for them, and Moktar was killed quickly. Adam helped his cousin and Moktar’s young daughter get out of the place.

At the end of the movie, Helene, Victor’s daughter, was caught, and Jonathan was taken away by the police. Victor then killed his wife Natalya because she had betrayed him. After that, special ops killed Victor.

Helene wasn’t held for long before she was let go. After she got out of jail, she started trying to find out where Jonathan was. When the police couldn’t tell her anything, she went on to talk to Adam.

While she was on the bus waiting for Adam, a special operations man made plans to kill her. But Adam and Jonathan were at the right place at the right time. With Adam’s help, the two brothers were able to find each other again. Adam took over when the special operations agent tried to kill Helene. He killed the agent instead.

At the end of the movie, Adam, Jonathan, and Helene stayed on the bus and didn’t say anything. At the end of the movie, Adam decided to go against the rules because he didn’t think they were right.

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