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Is Jordan Poole Gay? Bringing NBA Star’s Sexuality Into the Spotlight!


Speculation and rumors about a person’s personal life can spread like wildfire in this age of social media and star worship. “Jordan Poole Gay” is one of these rumors. Let’s look at the facts and clear things up.

Jordan Poole plays basketball professionally for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. He went to Rufus King High School and La Lumiere School, where he was a great basketball player and did well in school.

As a junior, he was chosen to the first team of All-Wisconsin, and as a senior, he helped his team win the 2017 Dick’s National High School Championship.

After high school, he went to college and played basketball for the Michigan Wolverines. In 2018, he was on the team that won the Big Ten tournament and made it to the national title game.

Poole is known today for his impressive skills on the court and for his part in helping the Warriors fight at the highest level of professional basketball.

Is Jordan Poole Gay?

is jordan poole gay

No, Jordan Poole is not gay. Even though there have been rumors about Jordan Poole’s sexuality, new information says that he is not gay.

He is also in a relationship with his lover, Kim Cruz, according to

This should put an end to any theories or guesses about his sexuality. There were whispers about Jordan’s sexuality because he kept most of his personal life private and didn’t talk about who he dated in public.

But now it’s clear that he’s dating Kim Cruz, and they seem to be a happy, committed pair.
Keep in mind that a person’s sexual preference is none of our business and that rumors and guesses can hurt and damage them.

In this case, it doesn’t seem like Jordan Poole’s sexual orientation is a problem since he is said to love his woman.

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Who is Jordan Poole’s girlfriend?

is jordan poole gay

Jordan Poole is dating Kim Cruz. She is a Filipino writer and artist who was born in Manila, Philippines in 1997. She is said to be dating Jordan Poole.

Kim is known in the Philippines for her unique pieces of art, which she has sold at a number of shows.

It’s not clear how or when they met, but in October 2021, when Kim was seen wearing one of Jordan’s exclusive shirts and shared a photo from a basketball game, many fans thought it meant they were dating. But neither Jordan nor Kim has come out and said that they are dating, so the details of their relationship are still a secret.

Kim Cruz is an artist and writer from the Philippines who is well known. Even though she was born in 1997, she already has a large number of followers on all of her public social media sites. As of December 2022, she had a huge number of Instagram followers: 432,000.

The 24-year-old used to be a TV host, but she found her true calling in the art world and joined an art store. Since then, she has put up a lot of her work on her public Instagram page.

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When Kim Cruz was seen wearing one of Jordan Poole’s shirts in October 2021, her fans started to wonder if they were dating. When she shared a picture from a Golden State Warriors game, the rumors got even worse.

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