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What Is Steven Tyler Illness? A Look At His Health Status And Sexual Allegations


Steven Tyler’s health condition was alarming and Aerosmith had to call off the rest of their tour in December 2022 and things are not yet getting better. Steven also faces several allegations of sexual assault.

Fans have been speculating about the health condition of the singer and his current situation. This article is all you need to stay updated about the latest health challenge of Steven Tyler.

Who Is Steven Tyler?

steven tyler illness

Steven Victor Tyler also known as Steven Tyler is a famous American singer who is best known as the lead singer in the American famous band Aerosmith. Steven Tyler plays the harmonica, piano, and as well as the percussion. Steven Tyler has also been called the demon screaming because of his high and powerful energetic vocal range. He is also well known for his gymnastics abilities on the stage.

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American Band Aerosmith

Steven Tyler illness

Aerosmith has been described as one the greatest rock bands of all time, the band was formed in 1970 and has been performing for the last 5 decades. The group is made up of Joe Perry guitarist, Steven Tyler lead vocalist, Tom Hamilton bass, Joey Kramer Drummer, and Brad Whitford guitar.

The band is also sometimes referred to as the Bad Boys from Boston. However, their lead vocalist Steven Tyler has been under the weather and has not been doing so well.

What Is Steven Tyler’s Sickness?

steven tyler illness

Steven Tyler has been diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma a disease that made the singer wear small shoes during his stage performance since 1970. Steven Tyler has also posted vacation pictures with his family in Hawaii which showed his swollen toes. Steven Tyler also revealed that his doctors informed him that the pain could be corrected through various surgeries.

However, the condition of the lead vocalist did not appear to be holding him back now. Steven Tyler also underwent surgery in May 2022 to help reduce the pain and also manage it. He did reveal in an interview with GQ in 2019 that he started using drugs as early as 1960 when he was a teenager and along with Joe Perry the famous guitarist were once tagged toxic twins because of their excessive use of drugs.

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Steven Tyler’s Sexual Charge And Allegations

steven tyler illness

Steven Tyler on December 29, 2022, got court documents that confirm he is been sued for sexual assault, sexual battery, and infliction of emotionless distress of a minor. It also alleges that he forced the minor to get an abortion. The Plaintiff is Julia Holcomb who stated that she began a sexual relationship with the lead vocalist in 1973 when she was 16 years old.

She further revealed that they earlier met in Portland while he was on tour and he took her to his hotel room after their performance. She stated that he did all sorts of criminal sexual assault on her and sent her home the next morning in a taxi. He also flew her to Seattle soon after to continue their relationship.

steven tyler illness

She also explained that in 1974 Steven Tyler convinced her mother to allow him to become her guardian for a while and that he would take care of her. However, the suit carried that he did not follow the promises but rather he continued to give her alcohol and drugs to her.

When she became pregnant in 1975, she claimed that Steven Tyler threatened to stop supporting her if she doesn’t abort the pregnancy. She also claimed that after the abortion she went back to Portland and became a devoted Catholic. Steven Tyler however has not commented on the allegations yet.

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