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Love and Death Episode 4 Release Date: Get Ready for More Thrill and Action!


Love and Death Episode 4 Release Date: Every day, there’s a new true crime show. In the movie Love & Death, Elizabeth Olsen plays Candy Montgomery, a Christian mother who kills people with an ax.

If the story sounds familiar, it’s because this is the second time in the past year that the case has been turned into a TV miniseries.

Most of the fans are interested in when Love and Death Season 1 Episode 4 will come out, what time it will air, who will be in it, and other information. We’ve changed everything on this page about Love and Death Season 1 Episode 4.

Love and Death Episode 4 Quick Info!

Title Love and Death
Director Lesli Linka Glatter
Episode 4
Release Date May 4, 2023
Where to Watch HBO MAX

When And Where to Watch Love and Death Episode 4?

On May 4, at 12 am PT/3 am ET, the most recent episode will be shown on HBO Max. Love and Death will consist of a total of seven episodes.

The first three episodes all made their debut at the same time on HBO Max, and the remaining episodes will be released one at a time until the series finale on May 25.

Love and Death Episode 4 Release Date

As was just noted, the only place you’ll be able to watch Love & Death is on HBO Max, which requires a subscription but offers various pricing options starting at $9.99 per month. Later on in 2018, the series will also be broadcast on ITVX in the United Kingdom.

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Love and Death Episode 3 Recap: What Happened in Episode 3?

We find out that the affair has had a big effect on Candy and that she doesn’t like it when Allan and Betty are together. She looks like she is thinking about what to do next. She is probably sad that Allan decided to focus on his marriage instead of trying to get closer to her.

We saw Candy and Pat get closer while they were at Marriage Encounter. We also saw Candy and Allan break up, and Pat found out about it. When Candy isn’t home, Pat finds a love note from Allan in her drawer and decides to tell Sherry about it.

Sherry tells him that Candy was wrong and that she knows what happened. When Sherry calls Candy later that night to tell her that Pat knows, Candy is shocked. As they talk about the affair, Candy tells Pat that the relationship is over. Allan is leaving for a work trip when Betty tells him that she thinks he is pregnant.

Candy has a lot to do at church on a big day, but she wants to stop by Betty’s to get her daughter’s swimsuit while she’s out running chores. But when Candy shows up in a hurry, Betty doesn’t want Candy to leave so fast.

Love and Death Episode 4 Release Date

When Betty asks Candy about the romance, Candy says it’s over. Betty doesn’t agree with that, though. When things between Betty and Candy are at their worst, she gets up and leaves the room. Then, she shocks Candy by coming back with an axe.

As the show comes to an end, we don’t see what happens when Candy tries to wake up Betty. What a quick ending! Then, does Betty kill Candy? Even though we don’t see the current episode, we have a good idea of what will happen because we already know what really happens.


Love & Death is an American crime drama streaming television miniseries that was first shown on HBO Max on April 27, 2023. The show was written and directed by David E. Kelley, and Lesli Linka Glatter served as the director. The fourth episode is scheduled to be released on May 4th, 2023. Love and Death is currently available to view on HBO Max.

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