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Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date: When and Where to Watch the Latest Episode?


Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date: Fans have been paying close attention to Oshi no Ko, which has been dubbed the largest launch in HIDIVE’s history.

Even though some viewers have criticized the anime for being overhyped, it quickly rose to the top of My Anime List’s list of the best anime of all time and is still one of the most well-liked shows in the spring anime lineup.

The anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko digs into the murky world of the Japanese Idol industry, television, and film production. It is based on the manga of the same name by Aka Akasaka, the author of the well-known series Kaguya-Sama: Love is War.

The anime has eccentric character designs, vivid and brilliant images, and an overabundance of color despite its somber themes. The fourth episode of Oshi no Ko is scheduled to be released on May 3rd, 2023. But what about Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date?

In this article, we will discuss the Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date, a recap of the previous episode, and much more. Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Quick Info!

Title Oshi No Ko
Director Kuniyasu Nishina
Episode 5
Release Date May 10, 2023
Where to Watch Netflix

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date And Time!

Episode 5 of Oshi no Ko will come out on b exclusively on Crunchyroll for fans outside of Japan. In Japan, the new episode will be shown on Tokyo MX, Chiba TV, GTV, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, BS11, and other local networks. Here’s how the new show will be released around the world:

Time Zone Time
Pacific Time 8:00 AM
Mountain Time 9:00 AM
Central Time 10:00 AM
Eastern Time 11:00 AM
British Time 4:00 PM
European Time 5:00 PM
Indian Time 8:30 PM

Who Are the Main Characters in Oshi No Ko Episode 5?

Oshi no Ko Episode 5 focuses on Mashiro and Ringo, two females who are members of the idol group “No Limit.” Other characters include those who are members of the same group as them, as well as their families and the people that oversee them.

Oshi No Ko Episode 5 Release Date

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Where Can I Watch This Anime Online?

If you want to watch this anime series like a lot of other people but don’t know where to stream it, you can watch it on Tokyo MX or GTV. In Japan, these are the main channels where this show can be seen.

People still like to watch their favorite anime and TV shows on sites like the Ani-One Asia YouTube feed, Netflix, Bilibili, and iQIYI. Whether or not you can watch this series also depends on where you live.


The time has come for us to bring this post to a close, and we sincerely hope that all of your questions regarding the Oshi no Ko Episode 5 Release Date have been satisfactorily answered by this point.

However, if you do have any questions regarding the release date of Oshi no Ko Episode 5, then you should read this article all the way through to its conclusion.

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