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Infinite Mage Chapter 34 Release Date: A Preview of the Next Episode!


Know when to expect the release of Chapter 34 of the popular South Korean adventure and fantasy manhwa Infinite Mage, as well as any potential spoilers, by checking this site. The other pupils found out in the previous chapter that Arian may have been practicing defenseless.

The initial attempt at teleportation had left him badly injured, and the blood from those wounds covered his face. We’ve got you covered if you’ve been following Manhwa Infinite Mage and can’t wait for chapter 34.

In this article, we will talk about Infinite Mage Chapter 34 Release Date, spoilers, a recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll down and read the complete article if you wish to obtain all information.

Infinite Mage Chapter 34 Quick Info!

Title Infinite Mage
Author Kim Chi-Woo
Chapter 34
Release Date May 10, 2023
Where to Read Kakao


When and Where to Read Infinite Mage Chapter 34?

On May 10, 2023, fans will be able to read the next chapter of Infinite Mage. You can read Infinite Mage Chapter 34, which will be released on the dates we told you about, and all the other chapters on Kakao. As of now, we can’t read the official English version of “Infinite Mage,” so we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Infinite Mage Chapter 33 Recap: What Happens Previously!

Later in the chapter, we see that Arian was sitting in the back of the classroom. His face was all cut up from his training, and this is when the other students found out that he might be training without any kind of protection on it.

Infinite Mage Chapter 34 Release Date

Arian thinks that the first time he tried to teleport, it didn’t work. He has to just go for it if he wants to fix the mistakes, and then we see him land straight in the desert, but this time he hurts his knee with only eight days left until the Teleportation Exam.

We learn that Arian keeps trying dangerously and hurting himself over and over again. He thinks this is a stupid way to learn, but he also thinks that his body will keep remembering things this way.

When there was only one day left until the test, we could see that Arian was very nervous because every time he tried to fix a mistake, another one showed up right after. There is nothing left to change now, so it must have worked.

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Infinite Mage Chapter 34 Spoilers: What Happens Next!

Arian started to lose himself when he thought about what would happen if he didn’t do well on the Teleportation test.

He gathered up all of his broken hopes and tried one last time, and this time it worked. We find out that Arian is finally able to change without hurting any of his body parts. He smiles and says that he finally did it.

Arian wonders how far he can go with this. He can’t lie down, and he needs to start practicing Linking right away, but he falls asleep while he’s still finishing his sentence.

Infinite Mage Chapter 34 Release Date

The scene changes to Mark, where we see that it is the day of the test and he says that today is a historic day because he will move up to class 5. He thinks that running 700 meters is easy for him and nothing to worry about.


The next big thing for fans of this fantasy webtoon is when Infinite Mage Chapter 34 comes out. With its exciting plot and beautiful art, the story of a young man who becomes a powerful master in a world full of magic and monsters has been enthralling readers.

The last line of the last chapter was a cliffhanger that made us want to know what comes next. Will our hero get through the danger? Will he find out more about his life and where he’s going? We’re excited to find out! We appreciate you reading this blog post and hope you liked it.

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