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Taming Master Chapter 105 Release Date: We’ve All Been Waiting for Is Here!


Taming Master Chapter 105 Release Date is Here. The story of Ian, a VR game addict, is told in the manga Taming Master. He goes from being the best and best player to almost nothing. When it came out six months ago, Kaillan, the best VR game in the world, had more than 10 million players. This game pretty much took over the whole video game business.

Ian used the money he had saved from his part-time job and the money he had set aside for college to buy the VR box for Kaillan. It cost 10 million won. Even though he didn’t start playing until two months after the game came out, he made a very good shooter in just four months. He won a lot of money from the game.

Taming Master is a famous manhwa that is making a lot of noise in the gaming world. Ian, a VR game junkie, is the main character in the story. He resets his character to get a valuable item.

The manhwa is getting more and more famous because it has a unique story, interesting characters, and great artwork. In this blog post, we’ll talk about when Taming Master Chapter 105 will come out, what it will be about, and where you can read it.

Taming Master Chapter 105 Quick Info!

Title Taming Master
Author Sarasa Nagase
Chapter 105
Release Date May 12, 2023
Where to Read Kakao

When And Where to Read Taming Master Chapter 105? 

Taming Master Chapter 105 will come out on May 12, 2023 (KST), just like it does every week. Fans of the series have been eagerly waiting for the next book to come out, and now the day has come.

Taming Master can be read on many different apps, like Kakao and Tapas. You can find the Korean version on Kakao, while the English version is on Tapas.

But you should know that the English version of the manhwa is a long way behind the Korean version because translations take time.

If fans can’t wait for the translations, they can read the Korean form, even if they don’t know how to speak Korean. If you enjoyed reading this manhwa, you might also be interested in reading Payback, which is a combination of romance and history.

Taming Master Chapter 104 Recap!

In chapter 104 of Taming Master, we saw that both the Titans and the dark runaway guilds had been totally destroyed. Ian made the decision to leave, and the Lotus Base was no longer a friend. Caesar got his powers back and also learned what Ian was good at.

Jinsung was upset that the dragon destroyed their whole base, but he was also proud that they were able to stop the top two groups from attacking Kaillan. But the question now was what kind of connection Caesar had with the dragon.

Taming Master Chapter 105 Release Date

At the start of Kaillan, there were 17 gods, each with their own powers. Five of them came down to the world of humans to stop the demonic realm from coming in. Since the gods couldn’t get involved in human matters directly, they gave their powers to different people.

God of War gave his power to Caesar, the human hero of Lucipal, and to the dragon. A fight killed the dragon. The same thing would happen to the war god Caesar. God took away his memories, and that’s how he ended up wandering the human world. But as Karceus grew up, Caesar’s memories came back to him.

Jinsung’s job was now to help the dragon get back to being as good as he could be. With the help of Caesar, Karceus was the first Abel to get to level 100. Jinsung got a call about the Siege Warfare Defense video when he got out of the game. He found out that just from that video, he would make around 20 million won. He then chose to look around his neighborhood.

He saw that the 41st-ranked guilds fought back against Kaimon while the top guilds in Lucipal kept their heads down. They also put him in danger by joining forces with Titan. And he would have lost badly if he didn’t have Karceus. Now it was time for payback. “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.”

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Finally, fans of the Taming Master series may look forward to reading Chapter 105 when it is published on May 12, 2023. It will be interesting to see how the future chapter develops the dynamic between Caesar and the dragon. Fans can read the manhwa on a variety of services, such as Kakao and Tapas, whichever they like. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more updates.

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