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It’s Official: Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Release Date Revealed!


Here is Everything about Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Release Date. Bad Thinking Diary is a famous series on Lehzin Comics. If you like spicy manhwa with interesting plots and characters, you might want to check it out.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Release Date, which is the most recent chapter of Bad Thinking Diary, and what to expect from it.

We’ll also tell you where and when you can read it online and give you a summary of the last chapter. So, let’s get started without further ado!

What is Bad Thinking Diary All About?

Since high school, Minji and Yuna have been the best of friends, and Minji feels lucky to have someone so pretty and nice in her life. She just knows that when she finally starts dating, she wants it to be with someone as great as Yuna.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Release Date

Everything seems fine, but things start to go wrong when Minji starts having bad dreams in which Yuna is the main character. Minji thinks it’s because she’s lonely, but when Minji tells Yuna about it, Yuna starts acting weird… Is she sad, or has Yuna always liked Minji? Where will these bad thoughts about lost love, thrills, and obsessions take them?

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Quick Info!

Title Bad Thinking Diary
Author Park Do-han
Chapter 53
Release Date May 9, 2023
Where to Read Lehzin Comics

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Release Date!

The following installment is eagerly anticipated by the audience. The publication of Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 is slated to take place on May 9th, 2023. There will be a lot of fresh information presented to us in this chapter.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 52 Recap!

In the last part of “Bad Thinking Diary,” as Kim-min gets ready for her finals, she feels lonely and bored. She looks around and sees a chair that is empty, which makes her think of Hye-Ra. When Yu-na suddenly shows up and asks Kim-min if she wants to leave with her, Kim-min says yes.

As they walk, Yu-na jokes that Kim-min’s face shows that she’s thinking about Hye-Ra. She then offers Kim-min a cup of coffee. As Kim Min and Yu-na walked and talked, Kim Min told Yu-na about how she felt about Hye-Ra.

She said that she had not paid attention to Hye-Ra the last time they met. She was angry and hurt that Hye-Ra had overlooked her, but she also wanted to know why.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Release Date

Kim Min also told the group that Hye-Ra’s disappearance made her worry. Kim-min was sad because she thought that Yu-na was too nice for her, but Yu-na made her feel better. They gave each other hugs and laughed at their jokes.

Kim-min asked Yu-na to come study at her place, but Yu-na turned her down. She told her they had to study first. Kim Min joked, “I hate you,” and they walked away.

Fans are already looking forward to the next story even though the last one is over. If you keep following us, we’ll make sure you know all the latest news about Bad Thinking Diary.

Where to Read Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 Online?

You can read Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 53 online at Lehzin Comics, which is a site with many different manhwa titles. If you want to read the most recent chapters of Bad Thinking Diary on Lehzin Comics, you have to pay a subscription fee. The translated version is not up to date with the originals, so you will have to wait for a bit more for the latest chapters to be released.

However, you can read some of the older chapters for free. You can also find alternative sites like Manga18 and MangaHihi that offer free scans of Bad Thinking Diary. Be aware, though, that these sites may not have the best quality or translations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Other Manhwa-Like Bad Thinking Diary?

If you like spicy manhwa with interesting stories and characters, you might like Payback, Jinx, Secret Class, or Close as Neighbors. These are some of the most famous manhwa series that you can find on Lehzin Comics or other websites.

Who is the Author of Bad Thinking Diary? 

Park Do-han is a Korean manga artist who wrote and drew Bad Thinking Diary. He has also made other works, like The Secret Friend and The Perfect Roommate.

Is Bad Thinking Diary Going to Be Made Into an Anime?

As far as I know, Park Do-han’s book Bad Thinking Diary has not been made into a cartoon. The Bad Thinking Diary series is a manhwa, which is a Korean comic that most people read online. Japanese animation is called “anime,” and not all cartoons get turned into anime.

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